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"Chinese Literature Critic" was launched in March 2015,quarterly,Director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,China Social Sciences Magazine and Chinese Literature Critical Research Association jointly organized,Zhang Jiang's editor -in -chief。

"Chinese Literature Criticism" magazine is guided by the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Taking the discourse system of developing socialist literary theory with Chinese characteristics,Taking the study Top scorer of European Cup 2024of Chinese modern and contemporary literature theory and criticism as the center,Tightly combined with the actual actualization of modern and contemporary literature creation and appreciation。The following articles collected in this magazine:

1. Marxist literary theory research

2. Socialist literary theory of Chinese characteristics, the construction of the discourse system

3. Review and reflection Top scorer of European Cup 2024of Chinese modern and contemporary literature theory

4. Dynasties Chinese literary thought trend and genre research

5. Research on modern and contemporary literature theory abroad

6. Chinese ethnic minorities at modern literature research

7. Local and regional literature specialties

8. Dynasties and aesthetics theory and practice

9. Online Literature Research

10. Other various literature,Such as children and youth literature、Science Fiction Literature Research,etc.。

The magazine will also set up "Contemporary Literature Focus"、"Analysis of Hot Literature and Cultural Phenomena"、"Evaluation of Important Writers' Works" and other columns,Summary of some important literary research conferences。

Enshores to look forward to all universities、Experts and scholars from the research institution actively benefit the manuscript,Freshy Great。The number of the manuscripts is about 10,000 words.,System specifications in accordance with the "Social Sciences" system specifications。

Please log in "China Social Science Network" (http://www.cssn.cn) or "China Social Sciences Magazine" (),Click "China Social Euro 2024 top scorer oddsSciences Magazine Submission System" or "Submission System" for submission。 

Electronic manuscripts can also be sent to mailbox:literary_criticism@yeah.net

Paper manuscript, please send it to the editorial department of "Chinese Literature Critic" (Address: Building 1, Building 1, No. 15, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Editorial Department of Chinese Social Sciences Magazine 100026)。Manuscript review cycle is generally 3 months,Once adopted,Sample magazines and good manuscript remuneration。

"Chinese Literature Criticism" has now begun to recruit,You can directly contact the China Social Sciences Magazine Social Development Center。"Chinese Literature Critic" published four issues per year,Prices of 50 yuan per period,200 yuan for annual pricing (including postage)。      

Subscribe to: 010-85885967,010-85886598

Subscription Address: Room 1108, Building 11, Building 1, No.1, No. 15, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing  China Social Sciences Magazine事业发展中心  100026 

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Member:(arranged by the surnamed strokes)

Ding Fan Wang Ning

Wang Yao Wang Zhaosheng

Bai Yan Zhu Liyuan

Sun Yu Sun Yin

2024 European Cup live betting websiteLi Chunqing Wu Jun

Zhang  Jiang Zhang Yongqing

Zhang Qinghua Zhang Fugui

Chen Si and Chen Xiaoming

Zhou Xiannan Fan

He Shaojun Gao Jianping

Cheng Guangwei

Main editor:Zhang Jiang

Deputy editor:

Gao Jianping Wang Zhaosheng

Bai Yan


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"Chinese Literature Critic" 2024 Phase 2 Directory
May 21, 2024 16:17 Source: China Social Sciences Magazine Author:
  • Author: Wang Guangdong
    Wei Wei新近出版的长篇小说《烟霞里》,In the context of the times described people and society、The relationship between the times and people。When the writer's heart is open to life,We saw history in the work、Reality、Humanity、Goodness and ugliness of human heart intertwined、...
  • Author: Cong Zhichen
    Ten years of brewing,Wei Wei holds "Hunter" to declare his magnificent and historical literary ambitions。Different novels that are used to writing national history with personal growth,Wei Wei聚焦于一个游离在历史主线之外的人物,But instead, I got enough surplus to present ...
  • Author: Bai Liang
    In "Hurling",Wei Wei about the hometown landscape and emotional memory of the hometown between 1970 and 2011、Time trend and life experience、Drawing and deep drawing in daily life and individual feelings,Open a "Three Thousands of Mountain River Park,Forty -Cai Zai World Editor Year "picture scene。In this "group ...
  • Author: Wei Wei
    Wei Wei
  • Author: Han Wei
    The concept of ancient Chinese literary theory is both a collection concept,It is also a historic concept,In its development process, the form of "change" and the "pass" of the spirit of the spirit。It is the existence of the "through" of the spirit,Make it effective in transcending time and space,Also constitutes ...
  • Author: Guo Minghao
    Ancient History Differential Party Traditional Poetry Book of Book of Songs made a comprehensive question,and directly promoted the modern transformation of Chinese poetry science。An ancient history discernic 2024 European Cup live betting websitethat comprehensively questioned and challenged traditional academic discourse attempts to remove the scriptures of the Book of Songs,Solving its legitimacy and authority,Re -review the previous generation ...
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