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This journal is a journal for the results of important research results of philosophy and social sciences,Deep academic background,Cover the face wide,Emphasize academic taste,Highlights Top scorer of European Cup 2024of the problem,Promote theoretical innovation,and new knowledge。 

12th issue of the year,Published on the 20th of each month,Prices at 30 yuan per period,The annual price of 360 yuan (including postage)。 

Director of the editorial board: Fang Jun

Member of the editorial board: (arranged by the surname strokes)

Wang Zhaosheng Fang Jun

Lu Weizhou Liu Peng

Sun Yan Li Lin

Li Hongyan Li Shumin

Li Lingjing Li Xiaoxiao

Zhang Ping Zhang Yunhua

Top scorer of European Cup 2024Zhou Xuejun Zhao Peijie

Mo Bin 晁 天

Liang Hua

Main editor:Li Hongyan

Deputy editor:

Xue Gang Li Lin

Liang Hua Liu Peng

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"Chinese Social Sciences Digest" 2024 Issue 5 Directory
June 11, 2024 15:21 Source: Chinese Social Sciences Magazine Author: Visits:Here is the total access volume of the website column

Editor in charge: Zhang Jing
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