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  "Chinese 2024 European Cup live betting websiteSocial Science Evaluation" in2015year1Yuechuang,quarterly,Director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,China Social Sciences MagazineMaster办,Editor -in -chief of Sun Hai。

  "Chinese 2024 European Cup live betting websiteSocial Science Evaluation"Guided by Marxism, adhere to the correct politicsGuidedirection, theoretical orientation and academic orientation"authority、Leading、Justice "is guided,"The commanding heights for seizing the research of Chinese philosophy and social science evaluation,Master the right to speak for the academic evaluation of philosophy and social sciences,The core idea of ​​leading the development direction of Chinese philosophy and social sciences is supported by support,Through academic view、Theoretical contention、Achievement Evaluation、Professional comment、Scholars' comment and other columns,Development status of various disciplines Euro 2024 top scorer oddsin Chinese philosophy and social sciences and existing academic evaluation systems、Existing problems、Prospecting Trends, etc.、Comments、Evaluation,Dedicated to the creation of contemporary Chinese academic authority discourse system,Promote China's academic movement to the world。

  Enshores to look forward to colleges and universities、Research Institutions、Experts and scholars of the evaluation agency actively benefit the manuscript,Great Great。The number of words in the manuscript should be 15,000 words,System specifications in accordance with the Social Sciences of Chinaline.

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        Yu  Pei   Wan Junren

        Wang  Bo   Wang Limin

        Wang Liming   square  Army

        Sun     Li Hongyan

        Li Jinhua   Wu Xiaoming

        Zhang  Jiang   Zhang  Wing

        Zhang Fengyang   Zhang Zhengwen

        Jinglinbo   Hong Da Yi

        Yao Jianzong   Xue  Lan

Master  Editor: Sun 

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"Chinese Social Science Evaluation" 2024 Phase 1 Directory
May 09, 2024 16:17 Source: China Social Sciences Magazine Author:
  • Author: Shen Xiangping
    General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the new concept of "firm self in the cultural sense",new theory that has formed and firm contemporary Chinese culture,This theory has multiple academic innovation。First, it breaks the "I - He" level that has broken through the long -term cultural self -recognition of the West ...
  • Author: He Zhonghua
    Cultural "Two Innovations" policy and the scientific methodology principles of their internal containers,A important content of Xi Jinping's cultural thought。The philosophical meaning of the "two innovation" policy is,It reflects the way of viewing the "life" view of the excellent traditional culture of China,This means text ...
  • Author: Ju Xuenan
    Public data is an important part of data resources,With authority、Features such as sensitivity and multi -source,It is also a key area for discussing the theoretical research and practice innovation of data element。But,and artificial intelligence、Data circulation of financial credit information and other active scenarios compared to,Public data ...
  • Author: Wang Tianfu
    Revolutionary innovation of digital technology leads humans into digital society。Compared with the original industrial society,The structural system and operating logic of the digital society show fundamental changes and new forms。This is because of,The connection method between people who dominate the digital society ...
  • Author: Ye Jiyuan
    Use generation artificial intelligence in academic research and academic evaluation should be cautious in accordance with regulations,See it as a potential auxiliary tool,instead of an independent thinking and judgment of alternative researchers or peer evaluation experts。Genesis artificial intelligence can effectively improve academic evaluation efficiency,But it is not suitable to replace humans ...
  • Author: Lin Xiaoyan
    After more than 40 years of unremitting efforts,Chinese Transport Economic Theory Research has experienced economic problems in transportation、Transportation problems in the economy、Economics problems during transportation、Four stages of transportation problems in economics,formed a very original Chinese characteristic transportation economics "1+2+1 ...
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