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  "Chinese Social Science" (Chinese version) monthly,Published on the 25th of each month  Post code: 2-531

This magazine is a comprehensive philosophy and social science magazine,Mainly publishing the results of the cutting -edge research of philosophy and social sciences,Including Marxist theory、Philosophy、Economics、Political Science、Law、Sociology、History、Education、Literature、Disciplines such as linguistics and thesis of interdisciplinary research、Research Report、Academic Summary, etc.,Known as China's highest level of comprehensive humanities and social science journals。 

12th issue of the year,Published on the 25th of each month,100 yuan per period,The annual Top scorer of European Cup 2024price of 1200 yuan (including postage)。 

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Deputy Lord Rent:Fang Jun

Member:(Sequence according to the surname strokes)

      Wang   Bo Wangpu

      Fang Jun   Xing Guangcheng

      Lu Weizhou Liu Yuejin

      Li Hongyan   Li Guoqiang

      Li Daokui   Wu Xiaoming

      Xin Xiangyang   Zhang   Wing

      Zhang Yuyan   Zhang Bojiang

      Chen   Heng   Chen Zhimin

      Chen Xingcan   Chen Xiaoming

      Zhou Feizhou   Zhou Guangquan

      Hu Zhengrong   Zhao Tingyang

      Qin   Xuan   Mo Jihong

      Xia Chuntao   Ni   Peak

      Gao Peiyong   Huang Qunhui

      Korean   Zhen   Chaogin

      Zhen Zhanmin   Xue   Lan

General editor:Fang Jun

Deputy editor -in -chief:         

           Li Hongyan

           Lu Weizhou

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"Chinese Social Sciences" 2024 Phase 5 Directory
June 11, 2024 14:33 Source: China Social Sciences Magazine Author:
  • Author: Zhou Dan
    Chinese -style modern cultural form is the condensation and sublimation of Chinese -style modern practical Euro 2024 top scorer oddsexperience。The special attributes and functions of culture determine the dual connotation of the modern cultural form of Chinese -style modernization,It is not only a reflection of the concept of Chinese -style modern cultural construction content,...
  • Author: Sun Zhouxing
    The world is the world of sound and color,Sound and color are the basic elements of this world。Natural humans in the classical period first did a metaphysical contemplation of the two,So scientifically in modern Europe -physical restorationism or simplified processing,thus covering the color show ...
  • Author: Lu Qiaoying
    Since Darwin's theory of evolution has been widely accepted,The adaptability of life is considered to be explained by the natural selection process of mechanical mechanical。024 European Cup BettingBased on this insight,Selection effect function Theory emphasizes the selected effect can provide the existence of biological traits with explanation,This laid for biology ...
  • Author: Liu Dongmin
    The international monetary system centered on the US dollar as a hegemony system has inherent instability,and the international monetary system has not been able to form a real diversified pattern。Through the theory of stability of hegemony、Criticism of the theory of balance of potential theory and international monetary power,Combined with the determination of international financial theory ...
  • Author: Guo Zhonghua
    Constructing the local independent knowledge system is based on the concept of identification 024 European Cup Bettingof identification,Based on the concept of identifiable concepts and the principle of understanding the constituent and constructive principles of understanding the concept。The concept is by object、meaning、Four elements of vocabulary and field。Four elements derived from the concept of identification concept ...
  • Author: Zhang Donggang
    The development and conversion of civilization and the construction and conversion of the knowledge system are almost synchronized。China has gone out of the Chinese -style modern road after just decades,Created a new form of human civilization。Therefore,A new knowledge system, that is, the construction of China's independent knowledge system becomes the times ...
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