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  "Chinese Social Science" (Chinese version) monthly,Published on the 25th of each month  Post code: 2-531

This magazine is a comprehensive philosophy and social science magazine,Mainly published the results of the cutting -edge research of philosophy and social sciences,Including Marxist theory、Philosophy、Economics、Political Science、Law、Sociology、History、Education、Literature、Disciplines such as linguistics and academic studies、Research Report、Academic Summary, etc.,Known as China's highest level of comprehensive humanities and social science journals。 

12th issue of the year,Published on the 25th of each month,100 yuan per period,The annual Top scorer of European Cup 2024price of 1200 yuan (including postage)。 

Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024Zhen Zhanmin

Deputy Lord Rent:Fang Jun

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General editor:Fang Jun

Deputy Chief Editor:         

           Li Hongyan

           Lu Weizhou

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"Chinese Social Science" 2024 Issue 4 Catalog
May 16, 2024 09:53 Source: China Social Sciences Magazine Author:
  • Author: Zhang Yu
    Since the founding of New China, especially after the reform and opening up,The Communist Party of China has continuously 024 European Cup Bettingpromoted the era of Chineseization of Marxist political economics,In the great practice of socialist economic construction with Chinese characteristics, the formation of socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics。As a Marxist Politics ...
  • Author: Year Meng
    Taking into account the two major goals of macroeconomic growth and regional balanced development,It is the essential requirements for China's coordinated development to promote the modernization of Chinese -style modernization。Based on macro -based output perspective,By constructing an anti -factual framework,Evaluate China's implementation of "land -based" and "human -based" regional policy institutes ...
  • Author: Sui Yan
    The subject in the spread of Internet group gathering is not the body of the real society,Instead of 024 European Cup Bettingtext built by the text。The subject of the text shows the subjectivity that is completely different from the body,They are not physical,but the text incarnation。They are not stable responsibility to carry ...
  • Author: Jingtian Kui
    The replacement development of diversified theory and the theoretical interpretation of the subject as a whole will be learned,Chinese and Western。Sociology with Chinese characteristics must seek the way of resolution of this paradox。Groupology as Chinese classical sociology,formed a fusionism in the long history ...
  • Author: Fang Lijie
    Social policy with Chinese characteristics is an important part of Chinese -style modern roads,Breakthrough and surpassing traditional social policy model discussions,Top scorer of European Cup 2024Systematic understanding and evaluation of my country's social policy is the key link of Chinese -style modern research。Based on social expenditure data since 2003 and there are ...
  • Author: Hu Anning
    Creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture,It is inseparable from the mechanism level to conduct a detailed inspection of the socialization process of traditional culture。Based on the cognitive dual process model,Fine personal cognitive process ("thought") into two types of reflection cognition and intuitive cognition,Then ...
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