Multi -time Chinese -style modern cultural form
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General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Culture is related to the country、National Games。"" This offset reveals and clarifies the nature and function of culture from a vast perspective,Let us see,Cultural Construction, especially the socialist cultural construction cause of the new era,Not only for the culture itself,More importantly is to ensure and promote the comprehensive construction and development of the nation and country with such cultural traditions.。Chinese -style modern cultural form. This judgment clearly reflects the background of culture and the times at the above -mentioned open angle、A close interactive relationship with the rich practice with the country and the nation。Look at it historically,As a cultural form that is accompanied by the modernization of Chinese -style modernization,Chinese -style modern cultural form,On the one hand, it is adapted to the process of modern Chinese -style modernization and continuously develops,On the other hand, constantly fulfilling、rich Chinese -style modern theory and practical system,It reflects multiple stages、Dynamic attributes of multi -state,A complete formula,There are also formulas,There is also a future style。
  Chinese -style modernizationCompletion of cultural form
Chinese -style modern cultural form completed,It is the cultural construction achievement that the Chinese people have achieved in the period of Chinese revolution and socialist construction。General Secretary Xi Jinping, in the meaning of discussing the basic principle of Marxism with the Chinese excellent traditional culture ("second combination"), pointed out: "The" second combination "makes Marxism become China,Chinese excellent traditional culture becomes modern,New culture formed by the "combination" becomes a Chinese -style modern cultural form。"This assertion establishes the basic attributes and theoretical frameworks of Chinese -style modern cultural Top scorer of European Cup 2024forms。In terms of basic attributes,Chinese -style modern cultural form is the result of two core elements organic combination。These two core elements,First, the long -distance Chinese excellent traditional culture,The second is the basic principle of Marxism。Both are necessary ingredients that constitute Chinese -style modern cultural forms,But in the process of promoting this cultural form,The role is different: the basic principle of Marxism plays the role of "catalyst",It is because of its influence and timely "activation",Only the cultural form of Chinese -style modernization。
Chinese civilization has been in the long river of history for thousands of years,By continuously absorbing multiple foreign culture,Eventually, Hainan Baichuan、Vast and Big Cultural Meteorological,This is the "inclusiveness" of Chinese civilization revealed by General Secretary Xi Jinping。This kind of tolerance is a traditional China who has successfully accepted the basic principle of Marxism to laid a solid foundation。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,The basic principles of Marxism are combined with the excellent traditional culture of China is to fit each other。This prominent tolerance characteristics of Chinese civilization,It can be regarded as a high degree of compliance between Chinese excellent traditional culture and Marxism,Because it always adheres to and advocates the internationalist height of the internationalism。
At the same time,This tolerance is only stimulated by Marxism,Only to truly convert it to adapting to modernization and vibrant creativity。Since modern times,Chinese Communists In the process of leading the construction of the Chinese revolution and socialist countries,In the field of cultural construction,On the one hand, adhere to the excellent culture of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign culture,On the other hand, it always advocates and practiced "take its essence,Drop Dripe "concept,Successfully led the rapid modernization and socialist cultural construction of Chinese society,is the proof of this area。It also contributed 2024 European Cup live betting websiteto the specific content of the complete Chinese -style modern cultural form as a complete Chinese -style modern cultural form。The core elements of the excellent traditional culture of Chinese Chinese thousands of years,Like the unity of heaven and man、Houde carrier、People are the state、The world is the public,In the endless inheritance,"activation" by Marxism,Adaptation to the times and international、Domestic actual context,and get further development。For example,Since the May 4th New Culture Movement,Chinese advanced intellectuals under the leadership of Marxism,While insisting on critical and resisting feudal tyranny and class compression thoughts,Also pay attention to discovering and demonstrating the excellent component of national traditional culture,Always maintain the world of the world of "opening to the world",strives for the people's、Based on the cultural tradition of Volkswagen,Build a new national culture in the active communication and interaction with world civilization,Effectively promoted the modern transformation of Chinese culture,It has also established the basic pattern of Chinese -style modern cultural form。
Chinese -style modern cultural form completed,There is another more important core element,That is the important methodological basis established by the Chinese Communists for the modernization of national traditional culture,is to combine the basic principles of Marxism with the excellent traditional Chinese culture。Specifically,It can be summarized as procedure from materialist dialectics and historical materialism,High respect for the rules of inheritance and development of the excellent traditional culture of China,and the full play of historical initiative and subjective mobility during cultural heritage and construction。This is formed、Basic theory and basic framework of construction and development of Chinese -style modern cultural forms,It is also the basic basis for what we think that there is a complete Chinese -style modern cultural form。
  Chinese -style modernizationFormula for cultural forms
Chinese -style modern cultural form is carried out,Corresponding to the new era cultural construction of the new era。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Continue to promote 024 European Cup Bettingcultural prosperity at a new starting point、Build a cultural power、Construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation,It is our new cultural mission in the new era。"" The magnificent blueprint of a socialist modern country and the great goal of building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation,Chinese -style modern cultural form,There are still many places that need to be further improved and developed。Contemporary Cultural Workers,Must adapt to the new era call,Work together,To promote this career to play a more practical and positive role。
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "'Combination' is not a 'platter',Not a simple ‘physical response’,but deep 'chemical reactions',Created a new and new cultural life body。"This requires us to be in the process of cultural construction in the new era,Be sure to avoid the average quality of cultural traditions、Mechanical (metaphysics) understanding and processing,It should be guided by historical materialism and material dialectics,The achievements of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture and socialist culture based on the rich,By refining excellent traditional cultural genes and its internal logic,Explore the inherent convergence point of these cultural genes and Marxism,At the same time, combined with the cultural practice and needs of the people's reality,Understand the tradition with a discarded attitude,Construction meets the cultural form that meets the requirements of the new era。
In practice,There are three specific paths: First, to continuously improve the literacy of cultural workers and the general public,Strengthen and ensure the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional cultural knowledge、The accuracy of propagation,Guide the public to establish a correct attitude and position for traditional culture,and strengthen the confidence in Chinese culture traditions in the diversity of world culture; the second is to actively face contemporary freshness、Creative people's cultural practice -for example,Diversity of national cultural heritage under the framework of the Chinese nation community consciousness,024 European Cup Bettingand the practical practice of intangible cultural heritage under the influence of the concept of world cultural diversity -by actively observing its performance and function,Summary summary laws and characteristics,At the same time, carefully care and ensure the subjectivity and creativity of the people in these fields,To lead contemporary cultural practice Health development,Further promote the comprehensive prosperity of contemporary cultural undertakings; the third is to actively face the world,To promote peaceful exchanges in the international cultural field、Common Development,Contribute China Wisdom and China Plan for Construction of the Community of Human Destiny。
In general,The current style of Chinese -style modern cultural form,Leading with "second combination",On the basis of a comprehensive and in -depth understanding of the historical laws of Chinese civilization,A positive attitude towards the present,Comprehensively promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture。Among them, it reflects the full respect and comprehensive mobilization of the innovative characteristics of Chinese civilization,It also contains the active play of the initiative of contemporary cultural workers。
  Chinese -style modernizationFuture type of cultural form
Future style of Chinese -style modern cultural form,It emphasizes the goals and meaning of cultural construction in the new era。Build a Chinese -style modern cultural form,It is the only way to build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation,It is also an important prerequisite for building a new form of human civilization。The final goal,Both facing yourself,Emphasis on the world again,But in the final analysis, it is facing the future。
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,Culture Xingguo Yunxing,Cultural strong nation strong。At the level of self -oriented,Promote the construction of a Chinese -style modern cultural form,It is to promote the comprehensive prosperity of Chinese culture,In order to lead the majority of people to enhance confidence in Chinese culture in the diversity of world culture,In order to enrich the meaning of Chinese -style modernization with the prosperity of culture,024 European Cup BettingThen help to comprehensively build a magnificent industry of socialist modern countries。
At the level facing the world,Promote the construction of a Chinese -style modern cultural form,It is to cope with the complicated situation of the current world,Explore and contribute to solving world problems to solve world problems。Since its establishment of the Communist Party of China,Always maintain the attitude of the world,Since the new era of the community of human destiny、A series of new concepts such as human civilization and other new concepts are proposed and continuously popularized,Pushing this atmosphere to a new height。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "China's excellent traditional culture, including Confucianism, contains important revelations to solve the problems facing contemporary humans。"These revelations greatly enhanced us with Chinese wisdom in response to world problems、Future -oriented Qi。You can be sure of,Premiere on the "five prominent features" of Chinese civilization,Based on the active inheritance and development of these characteristics,Discuss the conversation between world culture and civilization、The effective path of harmonious development,It will not only effectively promote the further improvement of Chinese -style modern cultural forms,and will inevitably "provide new opportunities for the world with the new development of China",Play a positive role in building a more glorious future for human beings。
This multi -time Chinese -style modern cultural form,It belongs to the achievement of Chinese -style modernization,is the organic composition element of the modernization process of Chinese -style。Emphasis on the cultural form of Chinese -style modernization,Let us see it further,Chinese -style modernization is a comprehensive modernization,It not only includes the modernization of science and technology and material levels,It must also include modernization of culture and spiritual levels。Emphasis on the cultural form of Chinese -style modernization,Both enrich the meaning of modernization,It also increased the thickness of Chinese -style modernization。
  (The author is deputy director of the Institute of Literature of the Chinese Euro 2024 top scorer oddsAcademy of Social Sciences)

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