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September 01, 2022 08:35 Source: "Chinese Social Sciences" September 1, 2022 Total 2483 Author: Tan Guilin Li Yu, Zhang Zhengwen, etc.

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  Reviewer: Tan Guilin (Professor of Hunan University School of Arts)

Four spokespersons of literature are all scholars I am very admired,Let me report some of my own experience。

In order,First of all, the speech of President Zhang Zhengwen,My overall feeling is,President Zhang's speech can be said to be a word bead,There are many ideological highlights,Putting a series of important theoretical propositions in historical depth and theoretical height。I am most interested in three aspects。

First,The materiality of civilization。Let's talk about civilization and always say spiritual civilization、Material civilization,But restricting the material a little,Highlighting from the concept of the civilized concept of chaos,It is helpful for us to grasp the communication between different civilizations。He established a basic principle,That mental thing,Sometimes due to history、Moral problems,There may be communication obstacles; but material things,Whether it is West or East,Is it a car or an airplane,Its commonality is existence,This is objective,remind us,The commonality of the material itself also provides an objective existence for civilized dialogue and exchanges。

2,Civilization is a true evidence for freedom。This concept especially pointed out that every great change in modern history is a solid evidence of the spirit of freedom,I think this is a height of thought,It is also a new understanding of historical evaluation。

third,China's struggle is human struggle。For this proposition,I want to say,Theoretical research proposed by Professor Zhang Jiang is very important,Think that we must pay attention to our particularity,At the same time, pay attention to a general problem。We have been talking about China’s special national conditions in the past,Exploration on the road of special national conditions,Getting on amazing achievements。How to represent the future development direction of human beings on this special national conditions,This is exactly a theoretical thinking channel provided by the proposition。So,I think,These three propositions,It may be a hot topic that may become a common thinking in the academic world in the future。

Professor Fang Weiji is an expert in the history of ideological concepts,There is a deep foundation on the sorting of the history of ideological concepts。His speech is also the definition of the concept and theoretical traceability of the concept of civilization。We often talk about civilization,But the concept of civilization has been in modern times,It is the new connotation and extension of cultural conflicts and collisions in Chinese and Western cultural conflicts,He made a detailed sorting of this connotation and extension。I think,This combing contains two meanings: First, civilization is the concept developed from modern times,Contains the determination of values,is a form of expression of our social modernity,It can also be said to be a achievement of modern development。Second, it is also implicit in it,Civilization itself is a height,It is a height of the theory,It is also a historical height,It is a scale for us to evaluate history。So,This view is not only thinking about history,And the awareness of our reality is very revealing。

Teacher Chen Zhong's speech is very interesting,Compared with technology and humanities,And put forward a concept,Makes me think this is the classic in the history of literature: Dadu River will discover the Dadu River,But if 2024 European Cup live betting websiteyou miss the Dream of Red Mansions, you will always miss it。This is exactly the intuitive history of literature、Specific,But thinking about the theoretical insight。So,He from two aspects,First, the history of literature from the comparison of literature and technology,The content of literary creation from width to narrow、From large to small is a kind of "constant",It is expected; the emergence of literary classics is often unavailable,Is the change,It is unpredictable。So,The history of literature itself is a many accidental accumulation,I think this is a very inspirational literary view,There are many "constant",But there are more variables。It is better to understand if we discover the "frequent" things,But the things of this variable make us think about its "change",and cherish such a "change"。

Teacher Chen Zhong also mentioned big data in his speech today,The phenomenon of turning cakes used in the theory in literary research。This phenomenon is indeed a very common in modern literature including contemporary literature reviews、Questions that everyone realizes,But it is difficult to find a way to reverse such a trend。This view made me think of Professor Zhang Jiang again,The production of theory is not only a deduction of a concept,and read people's heart、Reading Life。We want to really read the text、True understanding of people's hearts,Understand daily life。So,I think,Teacher Chen's view of literary history and literary research by Teacher Chen,It is very theoretical revelation。

Last,Teacher Wolfgang Gu Bin is very straightforward,The important point of view proposed is very enlightened。He said "West does not understand China" This is our traditional view,He thinks this view is wrong。I agree with his point of view。This is indeed divided into two levels,Each level is in the western country,Civilian grassroots really do not understand (China),But for the elite intellectuals,Their actually on China,There is at least one understanding of the impulse。Of course this is not absolute。The urge to understand the foundation of spiritual and psychological dialogue between Chinese and Western civilization。

At the same time,Mr. Gu Bin mentioned the change of his own thoughts,For example, Taoism、The origin of Confucian Confucianism changes。These changes are not only because of traditional Chinese culture,And he himself has what he said to surpass our material concept,To put it bluntly, there is a common value concept between Chinese and Western culture,More direct is an important promotion of national cultural strength behind。

Another,Mr. Gu Bin also said,Everything is international,It is neither the West nor China,The spirit of the spirit and the principles of the only truth should be entered from this point of view。This kind of demand spirit and the truth principle are Chinese and Western culture and internationally recognized,But the interpretation and interpretation of academic content has obvious cultural independence,This is also a reason why we emphasize the local and subjectivity of China today.。

So I think,Mr. Gu Bin proposed to communicate,and emphasize the importance of dialogue,This is also an autonomous thinking。

  Reviewer: Li Yujie (former Vice President of Chongqing Normal University、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Professor)

Just listened to the teacher’s speech,Indeed to benefit a lot。

Today we are a literary and historical group discussed together,Discuss a civilized theme。Although the objects we study are different,But the method we use is common,This is exploration、Seeking Truth and Explanation。From this perspective,(I) is very much in favor Top scorer of European Cup 2024of Teacher Tan's evaluation。From the speeches of several teachers in history,There are several distinctive features。

First point,The characteristics of tracing the origin of Chinese civilization from prehistoric civilization,This is a very important method and characteristic of the current historical world in the study of civilization。Among them, the speeches of Teacher Han Jianye and Teacher Wang Hui are all research on the origin of civilization。Talking about the conversion of modern civilization,We should have a more careful understanding of the origin of civilization。From the laws of historical philosophy,Understanding the origin can help the essence of things。So,We must really understand the characteristics of Chinese civilization,You need to explore the origin of civilization。Teacher Han Jianye and Teacher Wang Hui are the myth from the origin of civilization、Legend、Documents and archaeological materials for dialectical analysis。Find an innovative method between the ancient and suspected ancients of history,This is very important at the moment。

Point 2,About the development of civilization。Past,We are mainly explored in the 24 history of the literature of the handed down。From the aspect of archeological materials,We prove that Chinese civilization is uninterrupted、Civilized form for thousands of years in a row,In fact, we actually have less discussion in essence。Today,Mr. Liu Qingzhu said "There is a big one",This is actually a very important feature of Chinese civilization。Mr. Liu Qingzhu explained the understanding of this problem with a large amount of archeological materials,It can be said,His proposition seized the very important feature of Chinese civilization research。At the same time,The inner logic of the continuation of Chinese civilization to this day,Mr. Liu made a very accurate interpretation from archeological materials。

Third point,In the history of Chinese civilization for thousands of years,We constantly appear the conflict of civilization and the fusion of civilization,Especially the conflict of the Chinese nation for thousands of years、Fusion is particularly obvious,How do we view this conflict and fusion? Teacher Guo Jingyun takes culture as an example,Specializing in the origin of civilization,Think of collaboration is the prerequisite for the development of civilization,The characteristics of Chinese civilization are different from the Egyptian civilization and the two river basin civilization。She mainly uses the interpretation of civilized survival and development from the joint use of water conservancy,It should be said,This is a new idea,It is important to enlighten us for our study of the origin of Chinese civilization。

From the above teachers said,I think we are not only phenomenon,should be essentially、Method,is exploring、Seeking truth and explanation on this road,Make a relatively healthy normal discussion。

I think,Some problems still exist (in -depth) research space。First point,About the development of the inner logic and internal power of the development of Chinese civilization,This is the lack of lack of in our past civilization origin discussion,Whether it is history、Literature、Philosophy,Lack of interaction between disciplines on many issues。This has space that can be further explored。The second point is the conversion of ancient Chinese civilization and modern civilization。Current,Why can Chinese civilization develop better in the world civilization pattern,We have not really solved this problem。I think,These are the vast space that can continue to explore。

  The second discussion

  Reviewer: Zhang Zhengwen (Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、Principal、Professor)

Mr. Zhao Tingyang、The speeches of Mr. Tan Guilin and Mr. Ding Fan are not long,But the theme of the three people has a strong ideological impact,Touch me a lot。

Let's talk about the experience of talking about Mr. Zhao Tingyang first。I feel that this is not only a dialogue between philosophy and literary history,In a sense,,and is a guidance of philosophy for literary history、Enlightenment and torture。Mr. Zhao Tingyang's penetration of Kant and Heidegger,Put forward the signature concept "Existence theory event",and define it as: If an event can be identified as the existence theory event,It means that this incident contains the starting point of a new problem,It also constitutes a new source of human life and thought,It is equivalent to establishing a creation point for human survival methods。

This logo concept has two layers of meaning。The first layer is the meaning of the existence theory in our traditional sense。He understands this kind of existence event as a specific moment、A very special way of existence in a certain space,or the existence point; the second layer is the profound intention of modern philosophy in it,This is the content of this incident itself,There are open things; it can be seen by us,Let us look forward to judgment on the future。There is a modern meaning in it,There is a very deep meaning of the present。So,"Existence theory" is a powerful original、Sometimes empty fusion、The ideological concept of logic and historical penetration。

Mr. Ding Fan talks about Soviet socialist realism。This is a creative theory,It is also a creative method,We learned how we learned literature at that time。Mr. Ding Fan is historically historic for Soviet socialist realism、Literary concepts of ideological and major cultural influence,Historical restoration and theoretical analysis,I think it's very careful,Very similar to archeology,It is completely real。Today,Mr. Ding Fan's speech is a reflection of thought,It is another kind of cultural abandonment,I also made a more objective observation of history,Think about us in the future、Discuss the contemporary Chinese and even the present,or borrow a sentence from Mr. Zhao Tingyang, "Future creation、Appreciation、Critical,The entire literary development ",All have some demonstration effect,There is a lot of realistic value,It is also a reference for history。Do not forget history,Lenin said that forgetting history is betrayal。I think,Mr. Ding Fan's speech is very rich,After listening to it, I opened the eyes。

Mr. Tan Guilin's speech,For modern Buddhist culture from three aspects、Unique contribution to the identification of modern cultural ideas in the Middle Eastern West,Make a judgment,I think this judgment is overall,For the ideological and academic circles,How to really from the current specific scene,Under the observation of two aspects of a powerful historical background,Re -understand the problem of distinguishing things,The ideological value with quite deep and impact force。At the same time,Three aspects he talked about,It has huge openness,But what seems to be faintly obscured。I feel that this is both open and obscure.,It is a conscious active choice,This is very thoughtful,and open an academicity,I can hear it with interest。

  Reviewer: Jiang Linchang (Director of the Director of the Classical Civilization Research Center of Shandong University、Professor)

Li Yujie is a historian,Huo Wei is an archaeologist,and Scande Eric Lason and John Sterees are sociologists。These four scholars dedicate originality to our forum this forum、High -quality thesis,Explain that our running will be very effective this time,This is the total feeling。

Professor Li Yujie started Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024from the perspective of the original religious,Grasp the key question of the ancestor worship,First explore the uniqueness of our origin of Chinese civilization,This is also the cultural genetic problem in General Secretary Xi Jinping's "four clarifications"。Smallout、Bloody、Phase integration,reflected in the worship of blood,It just expresses the unique nationality of Chinese civilization,or the form of civilization。Origin from Chinese civilization,Features of civilization、5723_5734,Provide an important theoretical basis for today's civilized form analysis。I think,Professor Li Yujie made a good explanation of this problem。About the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods until the Ming and Qing Dynasties Chinese Culture Agreement、Summary of national identity and national identity,Having caught the core theme of Chinese culture。Generally speaking,Professor Li Yujie's article is original、High -quality。

Based on this,I will talk about personal experience,For Professor Li Yujie Reference。

First,Why can ancestor worship become the characteristics of our Chinese civilization? General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The research results of major projects such as the China Civilization Source Project,It has evidenced the history of human beings in my country、History of cultural history of 10,000 years、History of civilization for more than 5,000 years。"I think,Grasp it from this big background,The premise is clearer。Archeology has been proven for 100 years,The history of our Chinese farming civilization has more than 10,000 years,The dry land millet agricultural zone and the Yangtze River Basin paddy farm agricultural area formed the Yellow River Basin。Farming civilization for more than 10,000 years,It is a background problem that produces our ancestors of Chinese ancestors。This question is for Professor Li Yujie to further improve the article for reference。

2,"Three identities" from the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods to the Ming and Qing Dynasties,How is it formed? I think,This also needs to be grasped from the background of the entire Chinese civilization structure,It is inseparable from the support of century -old archeological research。Why General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the century -old archeology,Centennial archeology has indeed brought a new revolution to our Chinese literary and historical research,or provides us with unprecedented、The open condition that has never been available since Sima moved。Centennial archeology tells us,The origin of the Chinese civilization in the late Neolithic era,The pattern of the development of Chinese civilization is "diverse parallel"。By the Xia Shang on Wednesday,,The surrounding culture gathers and forms a "diverse" pattern to the Central Plains,Then evolved a "diverse unification" pattern after the Qin and Han dynasties。From "diversified parallel" to "multi -one",Then go to "multiple unification",It is our cultural identity、National identity、The fundamental background of national identity,This is my personal idea,For reference。

My experience of talking about Professor Huo Wei,It is also a new field of vision provided by century archeology。Let's talk about "Belt and Road",At least today,What is it mainly? Professor Huo Wei's archeological practice,Give us a new field,Give us a breakthrough of a wider time and space。He said,Plateau Silk Road,or the core of Qinghai -Tibet,Extension from the Han Dynasty to prehistoric,Proposal to the grassland Silk Road in the space、Desert Silk Road、Plateau Silk Road, etc.,Raiders of this question,We will further understand the Top scorer of European Cup 2024diversity of Chinese culture and the integration of multi -ethnic groups,Provided useful thinking。I think,This article provides many important original materials and thinking,Silk in our Central Plains region、Tea in Jiangnan,and gold and silverware, etc.,All reflected from the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau,This shows that the integration and exchanges between the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and the Han national culture have started early。I think,This conclusion For the unity of the Chinese nation today、Enhance the understanding of the unity of the Chinese civilization and many ethnic groups,It has a significant practical significance。

Mr. Tong Enzheng, a famous archaeologist at Sichuan University, has proposed the "Border Border Moon -shaped Cultural Communication Belt" problem。Professor Huo Wei further talked about the significance of this half -moon -shaped cultural communication belt,Plateau culture and Qinghai -Tibet cultural exchange happened to be formed through the half -moon -shaped cultural belt。Listen to Professor Huo Wei's report,Both have unlimited respect for Professor Huo,Also with infinite respect for Mr. Tong Enzheng。The argument proposed by Mr. Tong Enzheng in the 1980s,It was confirmed by his new materials by Professor Huo Huo today,I would like to thank the two professors at Sichuan University。

Another,Speaking to two foreign scholars,I am ashamed,Hong Theory has far exceeded my own knowledge structure,No way to comment。

  The third discussion

Reviewer: Fang Wei regulations (Professor of the School of Literature of Beijing Normal University)

Demitri Bondarian's statement,The meaning is clear,He talked about Tanzania in Africa、Two types of topics of Zambia and Uganda,One of them plays a great role like Zambia when constructing in Europe,The colonists have existed before it comes,And the colonists have promoted the development of local languages ​​to a certain extent; the other is that English played a great role after colonization,There are many phenomena in the world,The colonists have existed before it comes。

The concept of Meng Zhongjie said "saddle period" is very interesting。"saddle period" is about a transition period showing a saddle -type,or a hill to another mountain,Kozlek is the late enlightenment movement before and after the French Revolution,Is a transition period,Some people say that this is the boundary period,This is very important。Meng Zhongjie also talked about the new concept of actively creating the change of social changes,Use it in our era,I think this is very important。But when talking about the history of concept,Looking back,The concept of our era,In 20 years、There must be a certain distance after 30 years,Our era is not created by us,but created by society。We must have a certain sense of distance。5,000 years up and down,There have been many huge changes in China,Among them, the biggest changes of two of them,1 is the Spring and Autumn and Warring States,The second is our new era。Looking back,Research History,We really have a certain sense of distance,Let future generations pass 10 years、It can also be understood now。

Li Zhangbin's speech on "Chinese Modern Poetry Law" is also very good,It happens that I have recently cared about things in "Research on Poetry"。"Research on Poetry" should be Panle's,Is 1920,We translated into Chinese in 1923。These things we accept in the early days,Many are through the West。For me,A very important thing is,To understand the original text。But I think there is a translation problem in many things。How to understand? Foreigners say,I think it's very clear,But if we translate by us, there may be problems。Is "Poetry and Truth" "Poetry and Truth"? This Euro 2024 top scorer oddsis the question I raised,Not necessarily everyone accepts。I said that I have to have this consciousness,Although you have your "Poems and Truth",But in me, it is literature and real。Poems in the 18th century are literature we understand today,So I have been advocating another way of reading recently,I told the students to jump over if I do n’t understand,There is another way of reading。Can you understand it into literature? My students have some experience,Can understand,Just talk about these things。

Liu Yang's speech has a lot of philosophy、Philosophy,I learned a lot,But I don’t have time to say more。

  Reviewer: Han Jianye (Professor of Renmin University of China、Member of the Disciplinary Review Team of the Degree Committee of the State Council)

Mr. Zhu Fenghan through a lot of solid archeological evidence、New discovery,The Eurasian grassland channels that are about 4,000 to 3,000 years from the time of the period from 4,000 to 3,000 years clearly show it in front of us。Actually,This Eurasian grassland channel is the predecessor of the Silk Road,This is a very important study。Especially Teacher Zhu's detailed analysis of northern bronze wares,Consultation of arsenic content in arsenic and copper,Also full of new ideas,Confused。

Teacher Jiang Linchang believes that current classical research has entered a very important period of development。The heavenly man proposed one、The national connotation characteristics of the family and the country are also important。but,Is the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period that must be "Classical Ding Ding Period",I think I can still discuss it in the future。Through new research on handed down and unearthed literature,Is it possible to become a more important period in the Western Zhou Dynasty?

Teacher Jiang Meng's lecture logic is very clear,Let us know that in 1923, there is a "ancient sound discrimination" in addition to "ancient history"。I lack understanding of "ancient sound distinguished",But knowing that "ancient history" is carried out under the banner of "science"。Reflection has already begun,I am afraid I have to reflect on it in the future: Does humanities research need science? Can it only be explained Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024from the perspective of "science"?,So how do we look at the value of other research based on such a theoretical basis?

Finally, Mr. Julian Kuni, full of passion,From ancient civilization to modern China,I believe that modern China is maintaining world peace、Eliminate extreme poverty、Restoring ecological civilization and other aspects made great contributions。Interesting is that his lecture also has the method of "African characteristic socialism"。How to choose the road that suits you in the world,It is undoubtedly an important topic at the moment。Finally, Mr. Julian Kuni, full of passion。

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