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Dear scholars from all over the world,I am Hatoyama Yuki。This time I was invited to participate in the hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、The "Academic China · 2022" International Summit Forum hosted by the China Social Sciences Magazine,I am deeply grateful,and the successful congratulations to the success of this forum。Current,The epidemic of new crown pneumonia is far from the end,I can't communicate with you in person。For this,I feel deeply regret,I can only participate in a video speech,Please forgive me。

  Jim O’Neill (Jim O’Neill): China and the World

Thank you for inviting me to give a speech in Top scorer of European Cup 2024this forum,Talk about the relationships and integration of the relationship between China and other parts of the world。At this moment,I record this speech video,Just in the Ukrainian crisis continues。When preparing these speech content,I have produced some new views,Can supplement my previous idea。I think,For China,This is a special moment that needs to think and adapt to。How should China continue to deepen the integration with other parts of the world?

  Colin Mackerras: The evolution of China's rise and civilized influence model

The coexistence pattern of China and Western civilization has existed for a long time,Of course,China and the West are not the only two civilizations in the world,But this article mainly selects these two civilizations as research objects。The author wants to explore the macro map Euro 2024 top scorer oddsof history,Find some rules from it。For example,The evolution of the historical rise and fall of China and the West and what is the future prospects,How should we interpret the influence of the contemporary world and the various civilizations。The basic conclusion is,First,The comparison of the power structure between Western countries, especially the United States and China, has changed,and continue to evolve in the direction that is conducive to China。Second,China does not seek dominant position,Instead, I want to build a multi -pole world,At least to achieve the equal status between countries。Last,New Crown pneumonia epidemic、The development of the situation of Russia and Ukraine conflict,It is likely to accelerate the above trend。Although the conclusion is still early,But these 2024 European Cup live betting websitetrends must be unstoppable。That is,The balance pattern between China and Western countries will continue to develop in the direction that is conducive to China。

  Zhang Jiang: Humanities academic

One generation of academic academic。The era of social changes is often the era of academic and ideological development。The world is undergoing a big change in the world today,This is the change of the world's political pattern,is the change of international governance order,is the key period of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Today, the world has experienced a big change in a hundred years,Scientific and technological innovation is one of the key variables。We have to cultivate the first machine in the crisis、Open a new game in the change bureau,Answer to scientific and technological Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024innovation。"From the cultural level,Great changes mean a variety of civilization communication and mutual learning、Different thoughts are stirring with each other,It means that humanistic academics face new realistic challenges and development opportunities。The era of deepening root change,Based on China、Looking at the world、Future for the future,Further promote theoretical innovation,Promote the construction of the "Three Systems",Provide theoretical support for the great practice of the new era,This is the purpose and mission of humanities and academics in the era of great changes。Here,I have a few relationships,Talk about experience。

  Li Daokui: The Chinese economy in the Great Change

Participate in the "Academic China · 2022" International Summit Forum,I feel honored。Today,I want to discuss 024 European Cup Bettingthe following issues with you -the role of the Chinese economy in the great change in the century -long years。

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