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September 01, 2022 08:29 Source: "China Social Sciences" September 1, 2022 Total Issue 2483 Author: Feng Ziyi Wu Xiaoming Sun Xiangchen

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  Reviewer: Feng Ziyi (Professor of the Department of Philosophy of Peking University)

The wonderful speech of the eight professors just now,Information amount、The ideological content is very large。

From the perspective of content,Eight professors' speeches can be divided into two parts,Part of the focus on reality problems,Mainly Professor Wu Xiaoming、Professor Xin Xiangyang、Professor Liu Jianjun、Professor Han Qingxiang; another part focuses on theoretical problems,There is Professor Sun Litian、Professor Li Jingyuan、Professor David McClelen、Professor Oshimaquan。Of course,The division of the two parts is just relative。Because of reality, there must be theoretical support,Similarly,The theory also needs realistic view。This is my profound experience。

Questions talked about by Professor Wu Xiaoming,The theme height related to Professor Zhang Jiang's opening ceremony,It is the mission and responsibility of contemporary scholars。The mission and task that Professor Wu Xiaoming speaks of the mission and tasks is to build a philosophy and social science system with Chinese characteristics,This is an important academic task given to us by the times,It is also the time we must shoulder。About this question,The views of General Secretary Xi Jinping's many important expositions are very clear,Each major transition of human society、Each major development of human civilization,Knowledge changes and ideological pioneers of philosophical social sciences。Professor Wu Xiaoming mainly started from here。He cut in from philosophy,Talking about Hegel and Marx's understanding of philosophy。Hegel's philosophy is to grasp the era of thought,Marx's philosophy is the essence of the spirit of the times,Although the expression is different,But all are philosophy inseparable from the times。Leave the grasp of the times,Philosophy is the Ping of the Rootless,No soil。Philosophy must pay attention to the times,Grasp the times。Professor Wu Xiaoming proposed an important point,It is to get rid of the "apprentice state",To get "self -proposition"。I think,The point he put forward is indeed very important。Actually,You can review the history of Marxist development,Major theoretical innovation which is purely interpreted from the text,or derived from philosophical speculation? Actually,major theoretical innovation is based on researching real problems,Actively respond to the request of the times。This is not shouting a slogan,Promote it,It is indeed a very important question。

Professor Sun Litian mainly looks at the relationship between diverse philosophy and the relationship between the world of life from the perspective of civilization。He starts from the expression of philosophy,Proposal that philosophy is the soul of civilization life,That is, there is a close relationship between philosophy and civilization。Professor Sun Litian believes that telling civilization must speak philosophy,In -depth analysis and discussion of the relationship between philosophy and the world。On the one hand,Philosophy must pay attention to the world of life,You must listen to the voices of the world of life,Can't stay away from the real world; on the other hand,Philosophy must be differentiated、Diversified concepts Cut into the world of life。Now it has reached the era of globalization,Globalization must be diversity、Digital。So,The problem caused by this is that philosophy must be diversified,It is impossible to be the only、One yuan。Professor Sun Litian thinks,Truth is one yuan,Philosophy was originally diverse、Euro 2024 top scorer oddsA variety of diverse。There is no philosophy in the world,It should be a diverse philosophy,Different philosophy should talk to each other,Communicate with each other。If there is only one philosophy in the world,Then philosophy is ended,Civilization is also over。Professor Sun Litian's final conclusion is the arbitrary theory of opposition to philosophy,Opposition of the arbitrary theory of civilization。I think,This is an important understanding of philosophy for civilization,It is very profound。

Professor Xin Xiangyang talked about the issue of a civilized country,This is a very important question。years,More culture,More cultural soft power,Research on a relatively small country of civilization,It is also mentioned less。No doubt,Cultural power and civilized powers are still different: cultural power is mainly from culture、The two levels of the economy are launched; the civilized power is a multi -level,Involved in the economy、Politics、Is a comprehensive concept,Is a comprehensive concept。

Professor Liu Jianjun mainly interpreted the new form of human civilization。First of all, start with the new form of human civilization.,Who created it,Who is the main body? he thinks,Socialism with Chinese characteristics has created a new form of human civilization。I think socialism with Chinese characteristics has created a new form of human civilization,This statement clarifies the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "July 1".,Strict and solid theory。Followed by analyzing the relationship between the new form of human civilization and socialism with Chinese characteristics,This is very important。Actually,The new form of human civilization is essentially associated with socialism with Chinese characteristics,That is to say, without socialism with Chinese characteristics, there is no new form of civilization。New forms of human civilization or civilization created in China is a variety of,reflected in all aspects,The most fundamental is institutional civilization。Other civilizations are caused by institutional civilization、reflected,No socialism with Chinese characteristics,Can't talk about other civilizations。So,The keywords must be grasped by "socialism with Chinese characteristics"。Finally, how to understand the new form of human civilization,New on time,New on the veins。Then when it comes to the new form of human civilization, the five major civilizations are considered as a whole,Highlighting a few dimensions,Proposal of three theoretical propositions: First, a new form of Chinese civilization,The second is the new form of modern civilization,Third is a new form of socialist civilization。Professor Liu Jianjun's interpretation is very detailed,It is also inspiring。

Professor Han Qingxiang from a comparison perspective,Not just understanding the new form of human civilization,Especially the comparison of the so -called civilization in the West,Thinking of the thinking of Western central theory is actually empire thinking。The nine aspects that are about the next mention are very detailed,There are many flashing things,Including the difference between the difference between culture and civilization theoretically,Talking about culture is humanization,Civilization is a man。He also talked about the division of several civilizations,China's traditional civilization mainly talks about ethical civilization,Western modern is capital civilization,The new form of civilization in China is the civilization of human nature,These views are very inspiring。

Professor Li Jingyuan talked about the historical view of materialism and the construction of civilization,mainly about the origin of Deng Xiaoping theory,This is a new question。In the past, we studied Deng Xiaoping theory,Rarely discuss the problem of the origin of Deng Xiaoping theory,Therefore, the problems raised by Professor Li Jingyuan are very new,The theme of today is 2024 European Cup live betting websiteassociated with。The logic of his academicity is this: the theory of Deng Xiaoping is attributed to the historical view of materialism,Material History Views created a new civilization,This is the basic logic。He said,Deng Xiaoping theory originated from two major problems,One is the thinking of the traditional Marxist view,Another is thinking about the view of traditional socialism。Deng Xiaoping theory creation,It is the response and answer to these two major questions。From this,Professor Li Jingyuan proposed two core perspectives,The chaos of the concept of traditional Marxism is the soul of Deng Xiaoping theory.,The chaos of the concept of traditional socialism is the core of Deng Xiaoping theory,One is the soul,One is the core。Whether it is the soul,The core is okay,Both emphasize these two "viewing",This is the extreme importance of Marxism and socialist views。He will talk about the theoretical views of these two "viewing" next:,The most fundamental thing is to adhere to the historical view of materialism,The core is to seek truth from facts。This is also the creation of China's modern road and the secret of the new form of civilization。It should be said,He made a new explanation on the basis of the original theory,Very inspiration。

Professor David McClele's speech spoke two sets of concepts,1 is China and the World,First, capitalism and communism。China and the World in the first group,In fact, it is said that now we all have the same earth、The same world,Facing a common crisis,So you must cooperate。Facing various challenges in the world,China is the most capable of solving the world crisis,For example, the problem of climate warming。The second group of concepts are issues of capitalism and communism,He believes that real human civilization can only be realized by communism。He also proposed that equality is the concept of bourgeoisie,It is believed that in a capitalist society,Equality is false、On the surface。

Professor Oshimaquan is mainly studying text,A deep research on "German Ideology"。He responded to a point of view in the academic community,The new version of Marne's new version, that is, some of the historical research editions are different from the original method,It turned out that the historical view of materialism was founded in Chapter 1 of "German Ideology",That is a sign formed by the historical view of materialism。The new version seems to have some new views on this problem,But he still maintains the original view,I believe that the real materialist history concept is still proposed in Chapter 1 of "German Ideology",and make detailed research for this。He proposed that the historical view of materialism should be the guidance line of Marx's social and economic research,or I put forward a hypothesis。I think he has similar views with Lenin。Lenin proposed,"Capital Theory" was released,The historical view of materialism changes from hypothesis to science。In short,Professor Okimura's materialist view of materialism is the guidance of political economy research、Pioneer、Method Theory,This is meaningful thinking。

  The second discussion

  Reviewer: Wu Xiaoming (Professor of the School of Philosophy of Fudan University)

Speaking of seven scholars just now,From all angles、Discuss the mutual understanding of civilization in various fields、Communicate with each other、Learn from each other,Many views are very inspiring,It benefits me a lot。I would like to put forward some suggestions on some perspectives。

Professor Yang Geng inspired me the biggest is,The most important characteristic of Chinese -style modernization is that there are various contradictions,Including traditional and modern、Two and foreign two heterogeneous civilization collisions,Guide the modern process of Chinese style,Guide Marxism Sinicization。Therefore,Marketization during the 024 European Cup Bettingdevelopment of China、Socialist transformation and industrialization,is completely compressed in the same process。I expect Professor Yang Geng to start a specific research,Can produce more new series of results。

Professor Feng Ziyi talked about the profound changes in the new form of human civilization,Especially when it comes to China's development,Historically generated new roads and new forms,Emphasizing the new form is an overall concept,Including various factors and five levels。At the same time,It is the establishment of a new paradigm,Including ideas、spirit and value, etc.。Therefore,He said that the new form of human civilization will contribute to the overall human civilization,The pattern of changing civilization,Expansion Development Road,and inject a strong vitality into human civilization。This is mainly a conceptual decomposition,If Professor Feng Ziyi will do more in the future in the future,I think it will definitely produce eye -catching results。

Professor Yang Guorong talked about Chinese philosophy in the philosophy field。He specifically mentioned that philosophy is very unique,It is a special type that is different from knowledge。World history makes world philosophy a possible,When the modernity of modernity is developed,Let the original regional and national history enter the world's history as a whole。Therefore,Professor Yang Guorong talked about it for it,That is, the openness and clearness of the unified field,Requires to enter the origin area and beyond the boundary,In particular, the philosophical views that transcend the boundaries and beyond intellectuals,I agree very much。My suggestion is,World history really provides a huge possibility space for world philosophy,But the modern world itself is an alienated world、World of split、The world of opposition and conflict,So it can not become the stage of world philosophy,In fact, it should be in the modern world that is abandoned,truly making world philosophy a possible。So,Xie Lin actually proposed that when Hegel had died in the late stage, "World Philosophy has not seen any signs at all now,World philosophy is still very far from us。"My opinion is,The basic trend of world philosophy is very important,and the possibility has been displayed,But its realization can actually become possible in the abandoned modern world。Therefore,The worldization of philosophy and world philosophy talked about by Marx,It can also be truly displayed in the new civilization type。

Professor Sun Xiangchen proposed the concept of "home" as the category of civilization,In particular, it has a deep foundation in Chinese traditions,Talking about Yasbels' axis Heart Period theory,The main explanation is how the "home" becomes the category of civilization,Especially in the traditional Chinese tradition, there are deep foundations。My suggestion is,Different philosophy and civilizations in the axis period,Only in this way in China enables "home" to save it for a long time,and become one of the most important features in civilization。You can compare the disintegration of Greek civilization,On the one hand,Socrates said the subjectivity of the disintegration of Greek civilization,Therefore, according to Hegel's statement, the death penalty is taken for granted。On the other hand,In "Ideal Country",It is required to re -treat the physical entities of the country as an important aspect of control or domination of subjectivity。If this is described like this,The theory of civilization can be more prominently reflected in the comparison。Especially Professor Sun Xiangchen finally talked about the contemporary meaning of the category of civilization,It can also make it clearer in comparison,For example, since Nietzsche and Heidegger,"God is dead" has led to the advent of European nihilism,Heidegger regards European nihilism as a Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024metaphysical historical destiny。In such doom,How to show or even become a very important iconic term in Heidegger's philosophy called "homelessness" status。At the same time,He also talks about everything and great things from people who have a home,and produced in the tradition,It is home to take root in traditional。In fact,I am afraid that it is not just Nietzsche and Heidegger what you feel.,It also included many thinkers and even poets at that time,For example, Tyedling。

郗 Ge talked about the problem of controlling capital,Mainly tells this matter from conceptual analysis and basic logic.。That is to say,In the historic practice of China,The duality of capital is at the same time as possible,As a factor of the will,As "the light of the general photo" and "Special Ether" in control、Adjust some aspects。I think this is also very inspiring。Especially when it comes to duality,On the one hand, production relationship,As a productive element,On the one hand, it is object,Social relationship。Therefore,Discuss the formation of controlling capital。Basic positioning formation,If it can form a more specific discussion related to social history,Especially in combination with the actual situation of China,can also produce more results。

Professor Sun Leqiang talked about the three main provisions of modern civilization: the first is the logic of capital; the second is the expansion of civilization,Based on weak meat and strong food; the third is the unity of ideology,Actually, if Marx's words are in Marx, it is the unity of ideology and falsehood。My suggestion is,Today's philosophy only stands on the foothold of the self -criticism of Western philosophy,can we truly understand ancient philosophy and oriental philosophy。other,Professor Sun Leqiang talked about civic social problems,I think it is particularly important。Because it is of great significance to understanding Chinese society,Professor Sun Leqiang also mentioned the definition of Hegel on the civil society,War of all people against all people。About this,Marx has repeatedly talked about it in the "On the Jewish Problem",and say in a short paragraph,Only in the Christian world can really produce atomic individuals,distribution of civic society and political countries。So,Understand Chinese society,My basic point of view is: first,Personal individual who does not exist is the key to understanding China,The principle of the home that Professor Sun Xiangchen talked about is still acting,and Socrates's ethics in Greece is the disintegration of family principles; second,major changes in Chinese society,But the possibility of changing Chinese society is that it is impossible for it to become a civic society。

Professor Poado Hambach, Germany said very short,The title is "International Cooperation in the Great Change"。I really feel that he has a very beautiful wish,The views he talked about generally agree with,It is based on a very fair position,There are many kind -hearted appeals,But he has the idea of ​​romanticism and tenderness in this world。Permanent peace of Kant,We will always highly appreciate,But the theory of permanent peace was later refuted by Hegel,Kant's fictional permanent peace in the concept,As long as you encounter reality, you will collapse。Therefore,I think we need to be calm and realistic to observe the changes in the world today。

  The third discussion

Reviewer: Sun Xiangchen (Dean of the School of Philosophy of Fudan University、Professor)

Eight experts made very exciting reports around the theme of the forum,Seven of which are scholars,One is a politician。

Mr. Rudolph Scharping as a politician,Challenge for contemporary、Some problems faced by humans,It proposed the useful thinking under the framework of China -Western cooperation。One of my very important feelings is,Focus on the "common challenge、Common 024 European Cup Bettingquestion、Common responsibility ",We want to jointly formulate rules and standards。This is a very strong signal。Earth becomes smaller and smaller,Everything is combined with each other,But to solve important problems facing humans,Where is the rules? Where is the standard?,We will also see,Modernization process for hundreds of years,First or of its main thing is based on the characteristics of Western civilization,Therefore, a series of western standards have been formulated,and become the basic rules to deal with world issues。

For this,Professor An Lezhe proposed,Some rules and practices are just a limited game,Not an infinite game。Losses caused by limited games,It may bring a catastrophic result for humans。Speaking of Mr. Rudolph Scharping,Open us a field,Today’s China not only thinks about your own problems,It also assumes human destiny at the same time。As many scholars mentioned the topic of the human destiny community,and the concept of the new world and home,Under the theme of the conference "Civilization in the Great Change",Its deserved meaning is more clear。

From the speech of seven scholars,The academic backgrounds of you are biased towards Chinese philosophy,But the problem that is actually explained is very open、Very diverse。

Professor Zhang Zhiqiang's discussion,I raised a very critical question: in China today,Chinese civilization under the leadership of the party、China's tradition is not just for the past,Also pay attention to how it presents a new look in the new era。At the same time,He proposed,As a socialist country,How to control capital development,Reflecting the background of contemporary civilization。Under the party's leadership,How can traditional culture be rejuvenated,Is a very important proposition,It needs to sort out the theory,There is a strong practicality。

Professor Tang Civilization narrowed the problem to Confucian problems,That is to look at how to promote development from the challenges of ancient and modern China and the West。Here,I agree with several principles he proposed。First, to maintain the initiative of civilization,The biggest feature of Chinese civilization is that it has always maintained the subjectivity for more than 5,000 years,No self -self。There is a period in the middle that is lost,But quickly corrected it。Second, this autonomy today is not a self -closed,The world also looks forward to China。Third, whether the active performance of civilization is maintained,Depending on learning ability,Deep learning is particularly important。The closed initiative is vulnerable,Only in the state of deep learning,Incorporate the best culture of human beings in,Realize self -update,can we actively participate in the new concept proposed worldwide、New path、Go in the new view。Fourth is the mutual achievement between civilization,In fact, it is a new face -oriented achievement for the future of human beings,In this sense, the Chinese are responsible for,and a major responsibility。

Compared with the very detailed Confucian research path of Professor Tang Wenming,can we actively participate in the new concept proposed worldwide,This has great correlation with the problems raised by Professor Wu Genyou。Today,Let's talk about the above problems,How to contribute to China's wisdom is closely connected。More common on the ground to human problems,We have the extremely generous cultural root pulse,Make sure the endless development trend。but,The task proposed to China today,Not only a self -recognition,At the same time, make contributions to humans。Whether it is Professor Cheng Leusong's methodological problem,It is still a Chinese philosophy problem talked about by Professor Wu Genyou,In fact, there is a problem of self -breakthrough,How to break the traditional limitations,Can give a Euro 2024 top scorer oddsuniversal answer to major questions facing contemporary humans。Just as Professor An Lezhe concentrated in the thinking given in the survival of "home" and "generation"。

But,There is a transformation problem here。Then Professor An Lezhe said,"Filial" has the characteristics of Chinese culture,But if the conversion language,We think about human problems, not just on a plane,Need to put the existence of generations、The traditional inheritance of justice and human work is included,Make it more universal and widely,Can be more accepted by the world。At the same time,This transformation also wisdom to contemporary China、The philosophy of contemporary China proposed a topic,How to achieve this conversion creatively,Make it more common、More targeted thinking about the contemporary world。

Professor Liu Liangjian proposed to transcend modernity,Incorporate the concept of contemporary nature into,Make it a more common perspective。Actually,The thoughts of several professors have a common aspect with him,All of them are incorporated into the ideological resources,Facing the common problems of human beings。

Professor An Lezhe is very demonstration,You can see that he mentioned the so -called limited、Unlimited Questions,"Thick and thin" problem,Thinking of the problems made by contemporary British and American political philosophers,and give a very Chinese -style response,A Chinese -style minimalist version of the moral version,Response these problems raised by the British and American world。This is also a very useful academic route,I made a very clear demonstration for us。How can I get involved in contemporary international discussions,Contribute our solution,It is also a new requirement made by each of us scholars。

Professor Wu Genyou by focusing on the theme of Chinese philosophy,Review history。The reason why Chinese philosophy is in Chinese,instead of just use Chinese philosophy,Just look at the world with a more open and diverse vision,to promote philosophy thinking。A direction like Professor Wu Genyou proposed Chinese philosophy,It is also to allow Chinese wisdom to contribute to the whole human beings in a more common way。

Last,Professor Mei Qianli talked about the mutual learning of civilization with his own experience,and mutual learning,I can see the West's reference on the Chinese science system、Cognition,We also need to do it ourselves and cognition,The imperial examination provides a path in the problem of eliminating assessment problems。China has updated the power of politics through the war mechanism very early,and China’s learning for the West,Explain that humans have huge space to learn from each other、Learn from each other。

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