Silk Road civilization research enriches the logic of the Yellow River cultural science
July 09, 2024 10:10 Source: "China Social Sciences", July 9, 2024, Issue 2929 Author: Zhu Yi

July 6,"Silk Road Jinghua Communication and Mutual Learning: Silk Road · Yellow River -International Academic Symposium for Archeology and Image" is held at the Gansu Provincial Museum。Experts and scholars from home and abroad around the Silk Road Culture under the perspective of archeology and image、Research on the Yellow River Culture and its era value、The protection and utilization of the Yellow River cultural heritage of the Silk Road Culture and the Yellow River Cultural Heritage launched in -depth discussions。

Experts from the meeting said,The meaning carried 2024 European Cup live betting websiteon the Silk Road,Geographical concepts that have surpassed the "road" and the material category of "silk",The Silk Road is both a trade corridor,It is also a civilized arteries,It is a big bond of friendship,A variety of civilizations communicate here、Public out the new、and different、The United States and the United States and the Communist Party,Leave an endless treasure for human civilization、I made a unique contribution。Since the proposal of the "Belt and Road" initiative has been proposed,The ancient Silk Road once again glows with a new vitality,"Peace Cooperation、Open tolerance、Mutual Learning and Mutual Learning、Mutual and Win -win "Silk Road spirit has been deeply rooted in people's hearts,Silk Road culture has also been given a deeper Top scorer of European Cup 2024connotation and more important position。

Experts at the meeting proposed,It should be strengthened with Central Asia、Academic exchanges and cooperation in Europe,Actively carry out "Silk Road Inpatino Research",Jointly explore the new field of the protection of the Silk Road Archeology and Cultural Heritage、New perspective、New method,Write the cultural exchanges and civilizations of the new Chinese chapter。Jia Jianwei, the curator of the Gansu Provincial Museum, proposed,Exchange and mutual learning is the significant characteristics of Chinese civilization and the source of continuous inheritance and development。Deep excavation、Interpretation、Explain the significance and connotation of Silk Road culture and the Yellow River culture,It is important 2024 European Cup live betting websitefor promoting the construction of the modern civilization of the Chinese nation and the community of the Chinese nation。With the dual lens of archeology and images,It will definitely be comprehensive、Multi -angle Study the historical culture along the Silk Road and the Yellow River Basin、Archaeological Discovery,Explore their value and influence in the times of contemporary society,Promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the Yellow River culture and Silk Road culture,Serving the construction of the “Belt and Road” provides strong cultural support and spiritual motivation。Professor Gao Qi'an, a professor at Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics,Yellow River Culture is an important part of Chinese civilization,Is the root Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024and soul of the Chinese nation。It is necessary to systematically sort out the spiritual connotation of the Yellow River and the value of the times,Promoting the Large Union of Culture Research in the Yellow River Basin、Heritage Protection and Utilization and Ecological Protection Large Large,Comprehensively promote the construction of the Yellow River National Cultural Park or Cultural Corridor,This drives the high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin。

The meeting was from the Gansu Provincial Museum、Hosted by Northwest Normal University。

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