Gathering international issues in the situation of major changes
July 09, 2024 10:09 Source: "China Social Sciences", July 9, 2024, Issue 2929 Author: This reporter Duan Danjie

Current,The world is in the barrier of accelerated evolution in the big change,The global development and security situation is intricate,How to deal with regional conflicts and Euro 2024 top scorer oddsinternational security under the change of changes with a more positive attitude and wisdom? July 4,On the 7th UIBE International Political Economic High -end Forum hosted by the University of Foreign Economic and Trade,Participants conducted in -depth discussions on related issues。

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In the historical process of modern human society,Processing the relationship between the country and the country,Commonly maintaining world peace and peace,Promoting human development and progress,It is always a major proposition for unremitting exploration of various countries。Huang Baoyin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,Current,Speed ​​evolution without a large change in the world's 100 years,Strategic intertwined with the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation、Stiring each other、Impact。China and the international community actively practice global security initiative,Play a constructive role in solving regional hot issues and maintaining Euro 2024 top scorer oddsinternational security order。New challenges under the change lead leading the diplomacy of great powers with Chinese characteristics to embark on the new journey,It also gives new responsibilities and missions to the academic community。

How to effectively should be an unavoidable problem of regional conflicts in international relations。Professor of National Security College of National Security、Major General Tang Yongsheng thinks,Deep changes in the world situation in recent years,Not only is it reflected in the change of the power structure,More importantly, the nature of international relations shows many new features。Geopon environment in Asia、Complex geographical relationships,All kinds of problems contradictions and interfers,There is no mature security architecture for so far。At this stage, Asia should be used as an important strategic support for our consolidation of surrounding safety。Wu Zhicheng, deputy dean of the International Strategic Research Institute of the Central Party School (National Academy of Administration), said,The world enters a new turbulent change period,Local conflicts and turbulence frequency,Grand Kingdom's game competition intensifies,Global security challenge rising。The main reason for the evolution and development of this global security situation is the lack of global common security concepts、Top scorer of European Cup 2024The global effective security system is absent、Lack of global security leadership capabilities、Global security development imbalances intensify。For this,The international community should establish a common concept of safety、Strengthen the construction of an effective safety system、Improve security leadership ability、Solving the four aspects of safety development and balance。

  Grasp the new trend of strategic competition between China and the United States

Sino -US strategic competition is the main axis of the global change at present,Whether Sino -US strategic competition has an impact on global geopolitics,Experts participating in the meeting discussed from different perspectives。

Director of Peking University American Research Center/Professor Wang Yong of the School of International Relations,With the decline in international influence in the United States,International and regional patterns entering the uncertain reorganization period。China, the United States and Russia play a major role in global strategic balance,But more moderate forces may take advantage of the Sino -US strategic competition situation to obtain greater benefits。Sun Zhuangzhi, director of the Eastern European and Central Asian Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes,From the perspective of the world,A new "camp" tendency appears in the international community,World Security becomes Top scorer of European Cup 2024more and more fragile and sensitive,The threat of traditional security and non -traditional security cumulative superposition,The United States constantly create new conflict traps。China must consolidate and maintain strategic interests,With the help of China -Central Asian cooperation mechanism、The Shanghai Cooperation Organization actively responds,Steady response to various changes。

Professor Liu Xuelian, a professor at the School of Administration of Jilin University, said,In the interaction of the three security modes of East Asia,The security mode led by the United States is strengthened,The trend of changing the regional security structure to the polarization structure,But it cannot completely replace other security modes in East Asia。China has continuously strengthened its own ideas and consciousness on security issues,Put forward the overall national security concept、Global Security initiative, etc.,and strengthen security cooperation with ASEAN,to enhance China's influence in regional security。

  Pay attention to the key factor in the competition in big powers

Current,The scope of economic security expansion,The vulnerability of the development of the world economy continues to increase。Wu Zhicheng said,With the deepening of economic exchanges between the country,A country's economic turmoil may cause regional and even global economic crisis。This kind of economic 2024 European Cup live betting websiteturmoil and economic crisis diffusion will lead to long -term economic slump。

Facing the security of international economic cooperation,Li Xiangyang, Dean of the Asia Pacific and Global Institute of Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,To comprehensively consider the motility of international economic cooperation security from the endogenous factors and external factors。Correct understanding of the relationship between safety and development,Avoid the static and absolute understanding of safety。"de -Chinaization" in Western countries with an institutional type,Make full use of the "localization" and "regionalization" trend of the global value chain reconstruction,Build a regional value chain centered on China -centered on the "Belt and Road" framework。

Emphasized in the competition of the great country is the key core technology,How can a new round of big country technology competition affect the transformation of international order? Han Zhaoying, a professor at the School of Management of Zhou Enlai University of Nankai University, said,The key core technology is the leading force to promote the scientific and technological revolution,The focus of technological competition in the big country,It is also a direct motivation for shaping the change of international order。Technology competition for Great Power is the competition of the country Euro 2024 top scorer oddsaround key core technology,Leading country attempts to expand the first advantage,Slowing technology diffusion,The rising country tries to reduce the technology gap,Realizing technical catch -up。China and the United States have their own advantages in certain technical fields,"Together" in some emerging technology fields,It may become the technological development pattern of the two countries in the future。

Liu Zhenzhen, deputy director of the Institute of Globalization and Global Issues of China University of Political Science and Law, believes,Global security governance is facing a series of new situations,Uncertainty、Vagueness、Unprecedented enhancement of complexity。Future,On the one hand, it is necessary to advocate "strategic restraint" and "strategic prudential",Strengthen key topic governance,Determination of global security。On the other hand,To strengthen key link governance,Reduce sensitive risk,Adhere to the core position of the United Nations system in maintaining world peace and security,The depression that fills global security governance。

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