National Philosophy and Social Science Literature Center released user attention reports
May 20, 2024 09:54 Source: "China Social Sciences" May 20, 2024 Issue 2894 Author: Reporter Gao Ying

 2024 European Cup live betting websiteMay 17,At the press conference of the Following Report Conference of the National Philosophy and Social Science Literature Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, it was held in Beijing。Dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、Party Secretary Gao Xiang attended the meeting and spoke。Secretary -General of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、Member of the Party Group Zhao Zhimin chaired the meeting。Zhao Chuandong, deputy director of the National Philosophy and Social Science Work Office, addressed。

Gao Xiang said,Today is General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the symposium on the work of philosophy and social sciences and delivered the eighth anniversary of an important speech,2024 European Cup live betting websiteand the General Secretary Xi Jinping is coming to inspect the China History Research Institute、Attending the development symposium on cultural heritage and delivered an important speech for an important speech。General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important expositions and instructions on philosophy and social sciences many times,Fully reflects the party's leaders' high attention and deep care of the cause of philosophy and social sciences,Special Care and Horner Express of Philosophy and Social Sciences Workers。The majority of philosophy and social science workers must effectively bear the knowledge system that constructs China's independent、The historical mission of building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation and the heavy responsibility of the times。

Gao Xiang emphasized,Constructing China's independent knowledge system,Construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation,2024 European Cup live betting websiteMost fundamental、The core is the idea of ​​Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the banner and soul。To improve political standing,The spirit of the important speeches and important instructions of General Secretary Jinping, a meticulous internship,In -depth study and study, explain the party's innovation theory, especially Xi Jinping's cultural thought。We must pay attention to the development of cultural inheritance,Always adhere to the national characteristics of philosophy and social sciences,Based on Chinese history、China National conditions、Chinese practice,Equal and dignified dialogue with the international academic circles。National Philosophy and Social Science Literature Center is both a physical center、Data Center,It is also an important platform for international academic exchange dialogue。To use the unique advantage of the center,Strengthen the spread of socialist thoughts with Chinese 024 European Cup Bettingcharacteristics in the new era and the achievements of social sciences with Chinese characteristics,Follow the trend of cross -disciplinary cross -fusion,Focus on "Study"、Literature Resources of Literature Resources,Both the academic frontier,also to lead academic development。To further enhance the literature connotation、Improve service quality,Build the center into "top domestic、Internationally first -class "philosophy and social science comprehensive high -end platform,To construct China's autonomous knowledge system、Construction of the modern civilization of the Chinese nation made due contributions。

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Library of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、curator Wang Lan released the "National Journal User Following Report (2023)"。The report is based on the user of the Chinese journal of the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Literature Center in 2023,Design "Following Top scorer of European Cup 2024Index" based on online reading and download volume,Focus on a 1999 academic journal that has been launched before January 1, 2023 and has a reading volume and download volume.,It mainly includes journal attention、Disciplinary attention、Theme attention、Priority release of journal attention、Follow the geographical distribution、User use of institutional users。According to statistical analysis,"Archaeological Journal", "Chinese Social Sciences", "Contemporary American Review", "History Research" and other 213 academic journals were rated "Most Popular Journal",Guangdong Library Library、Guizhou Provincial Library、National Open University、48 units including the Shandong Social Sciences Association and other 48 units were rated "Best Institution User"。

The meeting awarded a certificate to the representative of "Most Popular Journal" and "Best Institutional User"。Representative of Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024the editorial department of related academic journals、Organization user representatives and representatives of relevant units of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences attended the meeting。

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