Build a "people -oriented" museum
May 20, 2024 09:34 Source: "China Social Sciences" May 20, 2024 Issue 2894 Author: This reporter Liu Yuanchai

May 18th is the 48th International Museum Day。In recent years,With the continuous improvement of the public's attention to the museum,How to better provide high -quality cultural services to the public,Further meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people,It has become a hot topic in the academic world。

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In the May Day holiday just passed,Passenger flow of popular museums across the country continues to keep high,Public Viewing Exhibition Enthusiastic Festival Climbing,Give new challenges to the management service of the museum。

Current,The development of digital technology provides assistance for the museum industry to respond to new challenges。Top scorer of European Cup 2024From the reservation system to the people's flow statistics system,Museum can control the number of visitors in all directions,Can resolve potential public safety risks in time,Then to maximize the public's viewing needs。More importantly,Digital technology has become an important way of "let cultural relics live"。Zhou Jianhong, director of the Department of Cultural Heritage Management of the School of Cultural Heritage of Northwest University, said,Digital technology has an important impact on the excavation and display method of digital technology,The public can better understand the cultural connotation and value of exhibits。Especially VR、Apps of AR in museum education activities,enable the audience to enter the virtual scene of related exhibits,Enhance the emotional interaction with exhibits。

Wang Siyu, Director of the Public Archeology Euro 2024 top scorer oddsand Art Center of Peking University, thinks,The application of digital technology broaden the channel and scope of the museum。At the same time,Digitalization improves the level of information interpretation of the museum。Fan Jiayi, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the Capital Normal University Museum, proposed,Current,Museum development requires cross -professional、Interdisciplinary、Cross -domain joint exploration and promotion。Strengthen the communication and connection between the museum industry and the science and technology world,It is an important prerequisite for applying cutting -edge technology to the field of museum,Grasp the scale and scene of the technical application,It is still a key issue worth thinking and discussing。

  Create a habitat for spiritual culture

The "2024 International Museum Day China Main Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024Convention Activity" sponsored by the State Cultural Relics Bureau and the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government was held at the Qinhan Museum of the Shaanxi History Museum from May 17-19。On the day of the International Museum Day,Shaanxi History Museum Qinhan Museum officially opened。Shaanxi History Museum as the "Internet celebrity" as the museum industry,It has been in operating status that has been full for a long time,The official opening of the Qinhan Pavilion of the Shaanxi History Museum or can divert some audiences,Then improve the level of viewing experience and service。

"The Grand Museum is hot、Xiaoguan deserted "is a problem that should be specially paid currently。Zhou Jianhong said,There is a resource gap in the large museum and the small museum,This is obvious。Solve this uneven,Need to start with event planning,Show the different features 2024 European Cup live betting websiteof the small museum,Provide personalized service experience。Wang Siyu thinks,Museum curatorial and event planning mode can maintain more openability,Listen to public opinion better。Now,Many museums have launched more interpretation tweets、Handbook、Lecture or fun activity。The goal of the museum is not to make every public into an expert,Instead, the public who entered the museum can gain something based on your own life needs。

"People -oriented" museum learning enhances the service consciousness of the museum,The Museum gradually develops into a public cultural space。Fan Jiayu thinks,The museum should build a layered classification、The development mode of all flowers,A better integration of daily life with the public。When people enter the museum, they will be infected by their heavy historical and cultural atmosphere,This is also a kind of 024 European Cup Betting"education"。Wang Siyu said,The core resources of the museum are always the "object" it has,The museum must dig around the "object" to dig the value and story behind it,to meet the needs of the contemporary public on the growing growth of spiritual cultural products and services。

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