Nanjing University Study and Implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important reply spirit
Write a new chapter of studying for studying in the country with "South University's Endeter"
May 20, 2024 09:33 Source: "China Social Sciences" May 20, 2024 Issue 2894 Author: This reporter Wu Nan

Nanjing University's study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important letter of return on May 17 at the press conference of the two anniversary results of the important reply spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping,Nanjing University has released the main achievements in related fields in the school for two years。Tan Tieniu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University,For two years,Nanjing University implements the spirit of the important letter of replying to General Secretary Jinping with "Endeming Movement",I have a deep understanding of every hope,Persist in doing it for every job,The new chapter of the construction of the world's world -class NTU with "South University's Endurance" is compiled。

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Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024At Nanjing University,Li Siguang、Cheng Kajia and other older scientists studying abroad stories and patriotism,Stimulated from generation to generation to study abroad to return to China after leaving the country to return to China to participate in science and education,Efforts to report to the motherland in their respective positions、Services,Get rich results。Professor Gu Cheng, a professor at the School of Environment of Nanjing University,Chuan Chu Education,In the subtle way, let students understand the principle of "being a person first and then talent"。He won the title of "My Favorite Graduate Instructor (Moral Education Tutor)" in 2023。

The research team of Li Yan, a professor at the School of Modern Engineering and Applied Sciences of Nanjing University, is located under the inspiration of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important letter,Multifunctional targeted DNA nanopotics was developed for chronic inflammatory diseases,A rheumatoid arthritis is alleviated on different disease mouse models、Atherosclerosis、Symptoms of chronic inflammatory 2024 European Cup live betting websitediseases such as ulcerative colitis,Related results Published in the disciplinary international journal。

From the former Nanda students,Young scholar who returned to study abroad,Then go to the person in charge of the school's talent and personnel department,Miao Feng, deputy director of the Human Resources Department of Nanjing University, experienced a triple identity conversion,But what will never change is,"Keep General Secretary Xi Jinping's entrustment,Report the motherland、Services,The pursuit of the pursuit of creating the World Science and Education Talent Center and contributing to all strengths for the establishment of the World Science and Education Talent Center and Innovation Heights。For the past two years,Under the encouragement of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important letter of reply,Miao Feng's team applied for more than 30 items to authorize various patents,Some results have been transformed into the ground。

In terms of scientific research,Nanjing University System Promote "Organization Scientific Research",Service high -level technology self -reliance,Add 4 national platforms、16 provincial 2024 European Cup live betting websiteand ministerial platforms,Get approved by the first national basic science center project,Build an innovative cluster in the field of integrated circuit,Cultivation of major technology infrastructure of major micro -manufacturing atoms,Solar batteries in perovskite、Gravity Substation、"羲 号" Sun exploration、Industrial Recycling Water International Standards and other fields to achieve original results。

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Shi Xueying, an associate professor of the Nobel Prize winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature from the 2008 Nobel Prize winner of Licorizio, believes,Chinese translation research relies on the history of long -term foreign delivery in China,provides a unique perspective and experience for the world translation research。During the teaching process,She insists on introducing the research results into classroom,In May this year, I won the award of the Jiangsu Provincial College Teachers Teaching Innovation Competition。

In terms of humanities and social sciences,Nanjing University Innovation "Big Platform、Big project、Top scorer of European Cup 2024Great results、Big Team、Big Organization "combined with the" five -in -one "liberal arts development model,Established the first Chinese National Institute of Modern Civilization,Form a batch of "famous team teams",Deepen the construction of the Chinese think tank evaluation system,024 European Cup Bettingthe development of the CSSCI selection English version is developed; the launch of the "History of the Centennial Economic Thought of the Communist Party of China", "Chinese -style Modernization Outline", and "New Quality Productivity: Development of New Power" and other party's innovative theoretical iconic results,"Complete Works of Cheng Qianfan" and other series;,National Social Science Fund major projects are among the best,New Breakthrough of Archeology of the South University。

Tan Tieniu said,Release results,Not only to summarize the past,It's for the future for the future。To forge ahead forever,The spirit of the important reply of General Secretary Jinping will continue to run through the school's management of the party's governance party、Teaching Euro 2024 top scorer oddsand educating people all aspects、The whole process of running school governance,continuously push forward the construction of the world's first -class NTU Chinese characteristics;,Continuously strengthen the mission of technology self -reliance,Continuously contribute to the development of modern civilization and innovation of the Chinese nation,Strengthen the interpretation of the theoretical research of the party,Optimize the construction of an independent academic evaluation system,Help tell Chinese stories。

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