Dual empathy theory research needs more factors
July 09, 2024 10:49 Source: "China Social Sciences", July 9, 2024, Issue 2929 Author: Zhao Qi

How can this newspaper comprehensive foreign media report people associated with people who have a very different personality? Will these differences cause social obstacles?,and strive to explore the psychological process behind people behind social exchanges。Recent,Punit Shah、Lecturer of the Psychology of the University of London Lucy Anne Livingston (Lucy Anne Livingston) and others wrote on the "Dialogue".,"Double-dpathy Privem" this concept has become more and more popular recently,It is considered an important concept of the psychological process of explaining social obstacles。But,Dual empathy theory research has not yet comprehensive potential factors,Therefore,Researchers need to be cautious about this。

People with a very different 2024 European Cup live betting websiteway of identity and communication may find that it is more difficult to have each other,This two -way difficulties are called dual empathy problems。Shata, Liveston and others said,In the past 10 years,Research on the development of dual empathy theory develops rapidly,Some scholars use this theory to explain why different groups in society are difficult for each other,This may lead to the emergence of personal problems and social problems,If the mental health is poor or the tension between the group。But,Dual empathy theoretical research still has many defects,For example,The scope of the crowd it focuses on is too narrow,No other social factors that affect different groups that affect different groups。other,This theory has not incorporated psychological neuroscience into the discussion of empathy issues。On the contrary,It confuses "empathy" (feel the emotions of 2024 European Cup live betting websiteother people psychologically) and other similar phenomena,Such as "mentalized" (understanding people's thoughts from different perspectives)。

Due to dual empathy theory research has not been fully developed,Therefore,Most experiments testing the theory is more chaotic。Many researchers claim that they are studying dual empathy problems,but did not effectively measure the level of empathy。At the same time,Dual empathy theoretical research also depends on subjective reports of people's life experience,instead of expert evaluation,This may also bring problems。Generally speaking,The core proposition of the current theory of dual empathy has not been fully supported,Similar identity does not necessarily mean that there is a higher level of empathy between each other。This is a question that needs to be focused on,Because related research shows the potential to better help social obstacles Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024overcome difficulties。From the perspective of Shah A, Liveston and others,Need to conduct more neurological research on social interaction。They expect,"Super Scan" (at the same time scanning multiple individual brains) and other brain imaging technology will help reveal the brain effect mode of different people,This technology can be used to test how similarity between interactors affect their brain activity。In order to make breakthroughs in this field,Researchers can also combine this technology with artificial intelligence technology。

Shata, Liveston and others proposed,Compared to people living in a more homogeneous community,People living in communities living in a high degree。Although there are races and cultural differences,But they will eventually think,Itself and others belong to the same community,And more good at considering the point of view of others。Top scorer of European Cup 2024A getting along with people from different society and cultural backgrounds may make people no longer care about differences,Pay attention to finding common points in other respects。

rich and complex human experience。Two people from different cultural backgrounds or different communication methods,It is not necessarily similar to other aspects such as values ​​or interests。Sometimes,It is difficult for people from similar backgrounds to understand each other,But it can have a very high level of empathy for others。For example,Refugees who are out of trouble。Actually,Researchers can use dual empathy theoretical research as a springboard for future research。The entry point with empathy does help deal with various complex social problems,Promote and enhance social cohesion,But academic research must take the right track,can really give full play to its potential。

(Zhao Qi/Compilation)

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