Analyzing the contemporary value of Yang Mingxue from the perspective of civilized dialogue
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May 21, 2024 10:37 Source: "China Social Sciences" May 21, 2024 Issue 2895 Author: This reporter Yang Xue

Full of uncertainty in the real world、It is difficult to grasp the outside world,Many people have interested in Wang Yangming's "mind -action", "integration of knowledge and action", "to conscience",Draw the mental nutrients of self -realization。Yang Mingxue is a medium for Chinese and Western philosophy, especially psychiatric practice philosophy exchange dialogue,People can better understand the humanistic spirit tradition of China and Western culture,Enhance each other understanding,Promoting civilization mutual learning,to help build a harmonious world civilization new order。How to understand the contemporary value of Yangmingxue? What are the breakthrough problems existing in the exchange of civilization?,The reporter interviewed Wang Yangming's philosophy and German monographs "" Learning ignorance "or" conscience " -The author of the Nicholas of Cusa and Wang Yangming Philosophy、David Bartosch (David Bartosch)。

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"Chinese Social Sciences": Chinese traditional philosophy is an important part of Chinese civilization,Reflected the Chinese to life、The understanding and exploration of nature and society,It is still enlightened today。From the perspective of today's world,What are the distinctive ideas contained in traditional Chinese philosophy?

Bato Consciousness:The ancient Chinese people regarded all things in the world as a kind of intertwined life、The process of continuous evolution。All life existence, atmosphere and hydrological phenomenon can be regarded as a manifestation,qi is considered a common、Borderless potential and life force,Existing in all things。This view originated from the yin and yang home,mentioned in ancient Chinese ritual and music culture,It is also reflected in the long medical tradition of China,For example, the "Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon" involves an analogy between the human body and the natural environment。Taoist and other ideological genres also explain this。Qi is understood as a flow、Permanent or basic energy power,It is all organic existence、The process of environmental changes and the most basic factor of the evolution of life form。Based on this,Song Dynasty thinker Zhang Zai developed its entire philosophy world view。Ming Dynasty thinker Wang Yangming also emphasized the essence of "one air circulation",For him,This means to observe one of the ways used in the core development process of the universe,"Avenue"。This is actually the Confucian、The traditional connection between Taoism and Buddhism。Qi is regarded as the air that people breathe、Drinking water、Foods involved in the transformation of life processes and the basis of electromagnetic and electrochemical processes,It is also considered the metabolic process、Species and interpersonal relationships、The root of thought and subjective feelings,It is all the eras Wang Yangming said、"One Hush Suction" of everyone in all places。

In addition,All life processes and changes related to macro and micro organizational objects and the overall environment of it are located,All exist in a oscillating causal relationship and complementary and synchronized interaction.,This is summarized by the ancient Chinese as a variety of yin and yang concepts。In my opinion,Today,One of the most valuable ideas in this context may be "the unity of heaven and man",Because it is involved in the integration of human beings into the earth or more precisely, the universe's natural cycle process。Only on this basis,Only to achieve long -term sustainable development of human beings,Make sure the descendants' life is happy。Today,This general understanding of the ancient Chinese worldview can correspond to the emerging scientific knowledge system。For example,Modern Earth System Science and Quantum Biological Methods obtained a similar view of the overall cosmic cosmic。That is、Water ring、Magnetic Circle and other planetary function systems combined,Form a larger system,Among them, no life substance is also an inseparable part of life process and energy conversion。

In today's context,The task placed in front of us is to create a new cross -cultural and multi -civilized ideological basis,This foundation should cover the ideological tradition provided by all human civilization。Therefore,We can still learn from various traditional philosophical ideas in China and get valuable revelations,Including Confucian、Taoist、Mo Jia、Legalists and other ideological genres。After careful research,People will find many communication points and resonance points,This requires us to further convert ancient Chinese and contemporary wisdom into contemporary philosophy、System Theory and the scientific interpretation of all aspects of human life。

  Yangming Study Research on Eastern and Western Exchange Bridge

"China Social Sciences": In your opinion,What kind of person is Wang Yangming? What are the most important thoughts of Yangmingxue?

Bato Consciousness:Starting from an early age,Wang Yangming strives to develop and improves his ability。He told the teacher,The most important thing in life is not to get a good official position in the court,Instead of becoming a saint。This ideal reflects Wang Yangming's pursuit of being a perfect existence in morality and art。Wang Yangming believes,Everyone has the opportunity to give full play to their potential,His philosophy reflects such a practical and perfect way。Wang Yangming has built a tree in many fields,He is a poem and wisdom,Is a high -level calligrapher,It was one of his most important generals。The most important thing is,He changed the philosophical basis of the orthodox Confucianism at that time with his own strength,The Confucianism is about to be Confucian、Taoist、The most important elements of the Buddhist and other Chinese ideological schools are combined into a new comprehensive、Practical methods -created "Yangming Heart Learning"。

Since the 19th century,His thought to China、Japan、The modernization of East Asian countries such as South Korea has had an important impact。From the perspective of world history,His outstanding opinion made him compare with the great thinkers in other parts of the world。In his masterpiece "Biography",You can even find the paragraphs of cutting entrances for cross -cultural exchanges in today's era。From the perspective of philosophy,Wang Yangming's discussion about "integration of knowledge and action" and "Zhilian" has reached the same height of wisdom as some greatest thinkers in the West Asia and Europe.,And there is no knowledge mysterious or too abstract expression,The language is simple and flat,Easy to understand。I think,Wang Yangming's thoughts show the high level of philosophical wisdom,At the same time, it is also very life -oriented and practical。Therefore,To appreciate the depth of Wang Yangming's thoughts,It is necessary to discuss in a wider cross -cultural context,Understand it in the thought dialogue across civilization。

The same important thing is,I think Wang Yangming is very far -sighted,Because he saw,The Confucian ideology of his time has a strict hierarchical system,It did not realize the true intention of Confucius and Mencius,And people's pursuit of these concepts will cause destruction to self -development and creativity。He emphasized,In the sense of knowledge transfer,The experience of learning with friends and students constitutes a kind of "Buy" behavior。This metaphor inspires people to explore the deepest deepest of the universe,And this can only be friendly、Level system is not so strict in academic environment,This will not hinder the further development of creativity and ideological exploration。From the modern perspective of scientific sociology,This view is still applicable to today's original scientific research。We need to accept and cultivate the self -value of the younger generation,Avoid consuming young scholars in order to fight for position or academic status。In this sense,Today's academic community can still benefit from learning Wang Yangming's thoughts。

  "China Social Sciences": From a cross -cultural perspective, the similarities and differences between Yangming and Western philosophy,According to your understanding,What aspects of the West are more concerned about Yangming Xue? In your opinion,Can Yangming Heart Studies become a cultural symbol of Eastern and Western exchanges?

Bato Consciousness:In my monographs "Learning ignorance" or "conscience" -Cusa's Nicholas and Wang Yangming Philosophy Comparison,I provided a new perspective on the research of Eastern and West。I used the philosopher in the Renaissance of Wang Yangming and the German Renaissance、Scholars、Based on the philosophical thoughts of Nicholas of Cusa, a politician,In -depth comparative analysis of the two,Discussion of the main differences and similarities between the continuous evolving China and Europe's ideology and culture。For this,I designed a comprehensive cross -cultural system framework,This framework indicates,Both thinkers have the highest level of thinking,I call the basic logic (German GRUNDLOGIK)。

In addition,Although the Nicholas of Wang Yangming and Kosa have no form of contact in philosophical traditions,But they all discussed the basic theme of human existence from "problem vision",Unbearable、Consciousness、Self -improvement、Unbearable、Knowledge and insight、Self -improvement、Moral and Love。Observe how these two thinkers discuss these philosophical themes from their own different and unrelated cultural and traditional backgrounds,is very interesting。This in -depth and detailed analysis of the two historical philosophy visual fields,Let us see the new appearance of both parties,Leaving such a system comparison,These new appearances are difficult to highlight。

From the perspective of contemporary perspective,The philosophical basis of examining the philosophy of various civilizations in the world has no significance。At the same time,The new comparison perspective should be deeper than the previous non -comparison perspective、More detailed。I am not talking about a superficial comparison without any methodological foundation,Instead, the new dimension of cross -cultural reasoning that must be accurately promoted。From the perspective of Yangming,,The research on each of the above themes can be an important way to communicate with East and West。Therefore,I often mention Wang Yangming’s thoughts in other philosophical works,For example,Discuss the core of Confucian education deeper,or further cross -cultural or "horizontal" academic research,How to understand the phenomenon of life as the phenomenon of the universe in the philosophical thoughts of Provertino and Wang Yangming。

  ​​"China Social Sciences": Yang Mingxue advocates "integration of knowledge and action" and "to conscience"。Some scholars think,Yang Mingxue is a moral idealism with moral conscience as the core,To solve the moral landslide of the world today、Monois is Figure、The non -humanized phenomenon of material desires is a dose of symptomatic medicine。What do you think of such evaluations?

Bato Consciousness:From the perspective of analysis,I don't want to classify Wang Yangming's philosophy as "idealism"。Even if we use "idealism" here as a comparison category,Yang Mingxue is not suitable to be classified as such a category。Wang Yangming's understanding of the concept of "Heart" is not fully consistent with the possible thinking angle or rational concept in West Asia or European traditional ideas,He is in the tradition of treating people as "the show of the five elements",You can refer to "Book of Rites" in this area。This is why Wang Yangming believes that "the mind is the reason" and "nothing outside the heart"。"Heart" is always combined with our "ourselves" body perspective。In other words,It is an instinctual response and guidance consciousness of limited personal experience,It is the direction consciousness of the general potential flow,As mentioned earlier mentioned "One Shipping"。For Wang Yangming,Deeper of conscience、Comprehensive wisdom,"The ontology of the Heart",embedded in this "too much" "general potential flow",From here, various forms and processes of life have emerged。Human consciousness and its carriers cannot be separated from all。

Expand through comprehensive self -awareness,That is, by cultivating the people we encountered、For all other forms of life and even support the natural function system of life (mountain range、River、Air、ocean, etc.,We can fully maintain harmony with the universe。Wang Yangming's mission is to show and reflect on how to re -integrate human nature through practice。To always remain completely consistent with the deepest level of human consciousness,and appear through "thought" (knowledge) and "things",It means always do the right thing,Keep consistent with the corresponding situation,and take action as the overall interests of all things that benefit all things in the world。

 Common awareness and common practice of humanities

"China Social Sciences": How do you think the Chinese spirit and Chinese wisdom in Wang Yangming's thoughts and the realization of the Chinese wisdom、Innovative development,Make it extensively participate in world civilization dialogue with a new attitude,So as to promote the realization of a good vision of building a philosophical discourse system with Chinese characteristics?

Bato Consciousness:In the background of today's era,If we do not try to truly understand and appreciate the civilization tradition of others,Can't really understand and profoundly understand、Appreciate and nourish our own civilization tradition。As a German scholar,Research Wang Yangming also helped me discover some of the little -known details of the European philosophy tradition。Civilized dialogue and cross -cultural analysis provides new dimensions for academic research,It also increases its complexity,Make it more challenging,also inspired new、More in -depth insights。Therefore,We must compare,Analysis of the differences in civilization、Different historical and traditional backgrounds and the affinity of civilization,and connect with the relevant background of the observers and research objects in our place。

In my opinion,It is not advisable to read Chinese works through the translation of some Western Chinese scholars。Foreign scholars must be able to study Euro 2024 top scorer oddsthe original Chinese text and other civilized traditions of original text,Overcoming language barrier,Really start from these texts,Systematic development of cross -cultural overall views。This is undoubtedly a very difficult and pioneering task,Only those who really want to understand and understand other cultures will do this,After all, this requires a lot of time and energy。Unfortunately,The current university system does not support such a job。Today's young scholars are facing huge pressure,I have to pay attention to the number of output,Also decentralized attention to other affairs,It is difficult to focus on high -quality scientific research,Lack of time to cultivate and develop profound insights,Write more valuable books。other,In many universities,What has received widespread attention is with natural science、Technology and even business activities related,The development of humanities disciplines is difficult or even hindered,This is related to different forms of knowledge generation and discourse system in the current global humanities disciplines.。

To change this situation,and create a new foundation for the spread of Chinese ideology and culture in the world,Young scholars need to be proficient in Chinese philosophy tradition,and at least one other philosophical tradition,Ru Germany Philosophy。Mastering the tradition of cross -cultural philosophy is closely related to high -level foreign language skills。If you want to place Wang Yangming's deep thoughts in the background of German philosophy to discuss,They also need to have a deep understanding of German philosophy,The ability to read and translate the original text needs。As a focus on Chinese and German philosophy,At the same time, pay attention to other ideological traditions of cross -cultural philosophy scholars,I promoted and quoted the classic Chinese ideological classic as much as possible,Especially the relationship between explaining the issues of Wang Yangming's thoughts and the discussion of the current philosophy。This is also a long years after the parallel research of different civilization traditions,Contemporary Philosophy researchers need to pay attention to the next step of research focus。

At a certain time in the future,Systematic by ensuring the method level,We will naturally place the backgrounds of different civilizations and various thinkers in the same background,Discussion with general philosophical issues。I think this is the future direction of philosophy development in the polar world。Revelation of avoiding history and historical philosophy,We might as well include them in a systematic and deeper way。Take me as an example,My citations to Wang Yangming's works are not only to promote Chinese ideological and cultural,I also have to clarify that Wang Yangming's thoughts make him qualified to become one of the great thinkers in the history of world philosophy。No 024 European Cup Bettingdoubt,Under the background of the traditional communication of diversified civilizations,Wang Yangming's thought is one of the pillars in the future philosophy of philosophy。

 "China Social Sciences": March 2023,Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the global civilization initiative at the high -level dialogue between the Communist Party of China,Causes warm response to countries around the world。What do you think of this initiative? For the development direction of the progress of human civilization,What do you think?

Bato Consciousness:I think,The prototype of the global civilization initiative can be traced back to 2014 President Xi Jinping's speech at the International Academic Symposium at the 2565th Anniversary of the Confucius Birth。President Xi Jinping emphasized,Various civilizations created by human society,We should all take the attitude of learning from,You should actively absorb the beneficial ingredients in it,The excellent cultural genes in all civilization created by humans are compatible with contemporary culture、Coordinate with modern society,Turn over time and space、Beyond the country、It is full of eternal charm、Excellent cultural spirit with contemporary value is promoted。This method of raising is very timely,It also aroused widespread attention,Because this reflects the constant truth of the progress of human civilization: when we really study the history of civilization,I will realize,The progress of civilization requires cultural exchanges and integration,Need to establish mutual trust and friendship,and constantly learn from each other。Today,We must make this truth a different civilization、The common consciousness and practice of human scholars in different countries。

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