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China Social Sciences Magazine sincerely welcomes authors at home and abroad to "Chinese Social Sciences"、"Chinese Social Science Internal Draft" and "Chinese Social Sciences" (English version) contribution。To ensure the originality and rigor of academic research results,Promote good academic atmosphere,Please pay attention to the following matters when submitting the author:


1. Please log in to "China Social Science Network" () or "China Social Sciences Magazine" (),Click "China Social Sciences Magazine Submission System" or "Submission System" for submission。


  1、Submission method: Registration → Login → Fill in the title of the manuscript → select the manuscript category → click "Save" → click "Add Word"、"Add Picture" or "Add Audio Video" → Click "Save and Submit" → Select the Institute and Discipline and Save。


  2、Registration information must be true and valid,Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024Please fill in the relevant information as required,To contact。


  3、Please attach the author's name、Degree、Title、Working unit、Contact number、Email、Basic information such as communication address and postal code。


  4、The submission category is based on the discipline,Including Marxist theory、Philosophy、Economics、Political Science、Law、Sociology、History、Literature、International Relations、News Communication、Public Management、Education、Linguistics、Ethnicology and other disciplines and thesis of interdisciplinary research、Investigation Report、Academic Summary, etc.。where,English original manuscripts, please vote for the "English draft" category,For "Chinese Social Sciences" (English version),。


  5、The Chinese manuscript invested in the Chinese manuscript.、"Internal Draft of Chinese Social Sciences" in the two magazines for any publication。The author has specific requirements for the publication and publications,Please explain when submission。


  6、Manuscript status is divided into four types: "Submitted"、"Mate"、"Return"、"Published"。where,The Euro 2024 top scorer oddsmanuscript is in the process of editing and review is "Review","Return"、"Published" is the final processing result of the manuscript。


2、The submitted by the author must be the work of the author's independent research,Full respect for intellectual property rights of others,No illegal、Disciplinary and violation of academic ethics; quotation in the article、Notes and other information,should be checked one by one for the original text,Make sure it is accurate; if the transition information is used,Should be realistic to indicate the source of the transfer; if the foreign language information is used,The author has the responsibility to submit electronic files in the paper copy of the relevant content and copyright page or PDF to the editorial department of this journal for investigation。


3、Manuscript for the publication of our society,It should be ensured that there are two scholarships or more or more,Includes other newspapers and magazines after not local changes,And the main opinion or basic content of the manuscript,Do not have to go publicly or internal publications in our publication in our society (including journals、Newspaper、monograph、Euro 2024 top scorer oddsThesis set、Academic Website, etc.) Published on it。


4、Our publication does not to the author、Postering unit charges any form of fees,I have not entrusted any commercial institutions to carry out drafts、Group draft activity。The publication system of two -way anonymous expert review is implemented by our publication。Do not appear in the text of the manuscript,Walk also, please avoid the information that may be disclosed by the author's identity。


5、This agency has the right to modify text expressions and other technical modifications on the manuscript,Manuscript review cycle is generally 3 months,Anyone who has not received this selected notification,Please handle the manuscript。


6、The manuscript is used,The editorial department will pay the author to the author,Send a sample magazine,"Chinese Social Sciences" and "Chinese Social Sciences" (English version) will be compiled into "China Academic Journal Network Publishing Library" after publication、CNKI series database and national philosophy and social science academic journal data platform and other databases,Copyright use of copyright adopted into the database is included in the enforcement paid Top scorer of European Cup 2024by the editorial department。


7、This agency enjoys the copyright stipulated in the "copyright" law of the manuscript published。The author will be published in other public publications in the articles issued by the author of the society,Must obtain written consent in writing in advance,Comply with relevant regulations。The author has special requirements for this,can be negotiated with our agency。


8. Requirements of each issue


(1), "Chinese Social Science"


  1、The number of the manuscript is 12,000 to 20,000 words,High -quality manuscript can be relaxed appropriately。You need to provide manuscript English topics、Abstract and keywords。System specifications in accordance with the Social Sciences of China。


  2、It should provide manuscript English topics,within 300 words、English abstract and 3-5 of them、English keywords。


  3、For the manuscript, please use A4 paper format,Simplified horizontal row,Research Paper Manuscript Song Ti No. 4,Research Paper Manuscript Song Ti No. 4、Reader review and other manuscripts No. 5 Song style double column,38 words × 40 lines;,Note Text No. 5 imitates Song style,Format, please 024 European Cup Bettingfollow the "Regulations on the Comment on Citation of Citation in China Social Sciences Magazine" (see attachment)。


(2), "Chinese Social Science Internal Draft"


  1、"Chinese Social Sciences Internal Draft" single manuscript number,Research Paper、Report Report、Academic Review、Theoretical Discussion、Theoretical Discussion、Scholars' vision, etc.,Generally, it is advisable to take 15 to 20,000 words。


  2、Please provide Chinese within 300 words、English abstract and 3-5 Chinese、English title of English keywords and articles,For the editorial reference。


  3、For the manuscript, please use A4 paper format,Simplified horizontal row,Research Paper Manuscript Song Ti No. 4,40 words × 36 lines; academic review、Reader review and other manuscripts No. 5 Song style double column,38 words × 40 lines;,Note Wing Small Small Songti,Format, please 024 European Cup Bettingfollow the "Regulations on the Comment on Citation of Citation in China Social Sciences Magazine" (see attachment)。


(3), "Chinese Social Science" (English version)


  1、"Chinese Social Science" (English version), please select "English Draft"。Part of the English submission of the manuscript,It may need to submit the Chinese translation of the manuscript at the same time,For the editorial department for review。


2024 European Cup live betting website  2、"Chinese Social Science" (English version) Single manuscript number,Please control it at about 8000 words (English)。For the manuscript, please use A4 paper format,Small No. 4 character horizontal row。


Nine、This notes come into effect from January 1, 2021,and explained by the China Social Sciences Magazine。


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