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"Aesthetic Research" adheres to the concept of innovation and journal,Sociology、Sociology、Anthropology、History、Art Theory、Literary Theory、Design、Architecture、Environmental ecology and other discipline perspectives,Analysis and interpretation of aesthetic phenomenon and aesthetic issues in real life,Help build a Chinese academic discourse system in the field of aesthetics and aesthetics。

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main editor: Fang Jun Zhang Zhiqiang

Deputy editor: Wang Zhaosheng Zhao Peijie

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"Aesthetic Research" 2023 Phase 4 Directory
May 14, 2024 09:52 Source: China Social Sciences Magazine Author:
  • Author: Yan Peiyu
    Aesthetics as a cultural form that belongs to human beings,With outstanding spiritual attributes。Construction of cultural power in the new era、Building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation must inevitably require the aesthetic "present" and "appearance"。Aesthetic construction in the new era must be firm in cultural self -confidence,Fully meet the people's right ...
  • Author: He An
    Fangta Garden and He Jianxuan designed by Mr. Feng Jizhong,Its internal diversified architectural language and cultural meanings are worth analysis。Representative of He Yu Xuan,Feng Jizhongen According to geographical and ethnic characteristics,Combined materials and tools,Form a unique building system。In the design concept of the square garden at the same time ...
  • Author: Yan Aibin
    Fangta Garden and He Jianxuan set up a multi -dimensional model on exploring time -based issues,Not only reflects the memory and reproduction of the long river of regional history,For example, to Song、Ming、Precise recovery of architectural styles in the Qing Dynasty and the consideration of historical authenticity,It is also clever through the changes in light and shadow ...
  • Author: Hu Jihua
    Reading is the focus of attention of modern interpretation,It is also the starting point of humanistic education and life style cultivation。From Gadamer、Arnold、Rosenbrate、Holland、Paul Lico,Then go to Leio Strauss,They are made from human culture、Human morals、Human morals、...
  • Author: Lin Hang
    Zhao Tingyang recently proposed a comprehensive aesthetic,Proposal from traditional aesthetic research paradigm to discussions on external problems,"External Touch theory" of Aesthetic Research。Compared with it,"Internal Touch theory" of Aesthetic Research Focus on the concept of aesthetic concepts with pure and independence ...
  • Author: Chen Kaiyi
    The design of the remote control requires the operator to mobilize a certain functional thinking。To use the remote control,We need to learn the remote control in advance,Accept its "setting direction",The active enlightenment occurs at this stage。The remote control also reminds people's initiative,Leading through the intention of remote control of the remote control ...
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