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General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Civilized exchange and mutual learning is an important driving force for promoting the progress of human civilization and world peaceful development。"Human civilization is diverse,At the same time, human civilization is also equal,Only communication and mutual learning,A civilization can be full of vitality。In the Marxist theoretical parallel sub -forum at the "Academic China · 2022" International Summit Forum,Scholars at home and abroad have launched academic interpretations from different angles around the "Civilization in the Great Change: China and the World",We will present related academic discussions one after another。

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The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out: persistence and development of socialism 024 European Cup Bettingwith Chinese characteristics,The general task is to achieve socialist modernization and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,On the basis of building a well -off society in an all -round way,Take two steps,In the middle of this century, the establishment of rich, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious, and beautiful socialist modernization power。What kind of civilized power should we build?

  Li Jingyuan: Materials History and Civilization Construction

Study Deng Xiaoping theory,To grasp the basic questions he is concerned about。Deng Xiaoping pointed out,For many years,There is a problem of understanding of Marxism,More than a hundred years after Marx's death,What changes have happened,Under the condition of change,How to know and develop Marxism without knowing it。Explore the origin of Deng Xiaoping theory,Can't leave Deng Xiaoping's exploration and solution to these two problems。It can be said,The chaos of the traditional Marxist view is the soul Euro 2024 top scorer oddsof Deng Xiaoping theory; the chaos of traditional socialism is the core of Deng Xiaoping theory;,The chaos of the traditional understanding of the historical view of materialism is the prerequisite and foundation of Deng Xiaoping theory。

  David McLellan: Marx's communist concept and its impact on the future of different civilizations

The theme of this forum contains three keywords: the first is "civilization",The second is "Change",The third is "China"。

  Wu Xiaoming: Times task of building a philosophy and social science with Chinese characteristics

For the academic circles of China today,Construction of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics is a major task entrusted by the era。This task is significant,Because our time is experiencing extremely deep changes,so that only when such a change can be subjectized and actively explored in academic theory,We can understand and grasp this era deeply。Since Hegel and Marx,The essential nature of academic theory has been decisively guided into the actual situation of a specific era: just as Hegel calls philosophy as "grasping the era of thought",Marx understands Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024historical science or social science as "theoretical expression"。In this sense,On the one hand,It is the major needs of academic theory with the turning point of the times,And this need for us today,is to build a philosophical and social science with Chinese characteristics; on the other hand,Only with Chinese characteristics and social sciences can in -depth social reality as their first priority,Therefore, we can grasp the broad roads and light prospects of academic theory for us。This article tries to at this foothold,Analysis and clarification of the era of the era of constructing philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics。

  Feng Ziyi: Deep changes in human civilization form

The development of China not only created the Chinese -style modern road,and created a new form of human civilization。Open "New Form" from "New Road",This is a major improvement from the development to civilization,is the highest achievement of China's development and the greatest contribution to world civilization。

  Yang Geng: Chinese -style modernization and civilization new form

2024 European Cup live betting websiteFrom the perspective of development type,Modernization can be divided into two types: "internal hairstyle modernization" and "modernization of outer hairstyle"。The so -called internal hairstyle modernization,refers to the modernization of a nation or country is caused by its internal factors、Social changes guided by internal innovation; modernization of external hairstyles refers to the modernization of a nation or country is a transmitted social change caused by external stimuli or direct external forces。

  Sun Litian: 2024 European Cup live betting websiteFrom the perspective of civilization or culture -the mutual change of multiple philosophy and the world of life

2024 European Cup live betting websiteFrom the perspective of science and understanding,Philosophy is the doctrine of world truth。There is only one philosophy in an era that is the closest to the truth,Others are false sayings。From the perspective of civilization or culture,Philosophy is the essence of civilization,Is the living soul of civilization。The philosophy of different perspectives of diverse views may have cultural value and significance。Marxist philosophy is both the scientific truth 024 European Cup Bettingof our time,It also occupies the heights of the civilized value and morality of the times。

  Dasamura: The Materials History View formed the basic characteristics of the beginning of the Iraqi

Material History Outlook The basic characteristic of the beginning of the formation is that Engels calls "the law of development of human history",Or did Marx say its own research "guidance line"?

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