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Chinese -style modern road,Demonstrate a new civilization form to humans,An ancient civilization that realizes modernization。This new civilization form is the new form of Chinese civilization。The new form of Chinese civilization is a new road in the inherent cultural contradictions and the fundamental political social crisis of modern civilization dominated by the West.,It shows a new civilization possibility to humans,The possibility of a new form of human civilization。The new form of human civilization created by Chinese -style modern roads,Zhao shows the essence and significance of the world's unscrupulous changes in the world。The unreparable change of the world's century in the world means a change in the principle of civilization,It means that for any specific social and ancient civilization selection of the main body of its own modernization road。The new form of human civilization demonstrated by Chinese -style modern roads,Zhao shows the future prospect of human civilization,This prospect is a new form of human civilization displayed by the new form of Chinese civilization,A kind of human destiny community composed of different modern forms created by different civilized soils,A beauty and common、Elastic human new civilization。

  Liu Jianjun: Socialism with Chinese characteristics has created a new form of human civilization

General Secretary Xi Jinping explicitly proposed at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Socialism with Chinese characteristics has created a new form of human civilization。This is both a political announcement,Also academic proposition,Need to study and interpret it from the theoretical theory。

  Liu Liangjian: The concept of human civilization change and "community of human destiny"

"Community of Human Destiny" is an important concept that China has contributed to humans in recent years。At the same time,It is a concept of hair -like,It can become a breakthrough point for Chinese philosophical discourse innovation。

  Wu Genyou: Chinese Philosophy Perspective of Civilization Diversity and Exchange and Mutual Learns

Why do we see the diversity and exchange of communication from the perspective of Chinese philosophy? From the perspective of Chinese philosophy, examine the issue of civilization diversity and exchanges and learn from,What are the main problems to solve? What are the advantages of Chinese philosophy?

  Confucianism and its world significance

I want to make a point of view: We live in the best times,Also live in the worst times。The best time refers to that we humans are very great,Invented all kinds of science and technology。So,As long as we are willing,It can eliminate hunger throughout the world,Even from today,We can also use science and technology to achieve this goal。But,2024 European Cup live betting websiteWe have not been able to solve the problem of eliminating hunger。This is obviously not a technical problem,but a moral problem,Is an ethical problem。We can solve the problem,But to overcome the current dilemma,We need solutions based on political will and moral outlook。So say,This is the best era,It is also the worst era。

  International cooperation in the era of great change

In recent years,The world is changing at an amazing speed。Now,People face face -to -face communication becomes so difficult。The epidemic impose various rules on us。We will learn valuable experience and lessons from different ways,Continuous exchanges worldwide, especially for medical experts, should not be obstructed。Especially in today's situation,More good communication。The virus will cross the border as the climate。

  German -China cooperation creates a better future

In recent decades,China is in culture with Europe and Germany、Politics、Economic and other aspects carried out a series of exchanges。These interactive communication is of great significance,greatly promoted the between countries、Mutual understanding between the continents,It also has a significant impact on the development of the world。Here I want to emphasize one thing: we should never take the relationship between Germany and China、Relations between EU member states and China,The relationship between EU member states,It is regarded as an isolated bilateral relationship。We must always understand,These relationships also 2024 European Cup live betting websitehave influence on the relationship between continent,It also affects the development of the world。Why do you say that? Because we have common interests。Although our political system、Cultural source、Social governance mode, etc. There are differences,But these differences cannot stop us from strengthening the conversation、Deepen understanding and continuous improvement of cooperation,Because we have common interests,We all want the entire earth、The people of all human beings and the people of every country can have a security、Stable、peaceful and better future。

  Promote win -win development in the exchange of civilization exchanges

Since China's reform and opening up,In the economy、Society、Culture and other aspects have achieved great progress,People’s clothing, food, housing and transportation、Health Medical、Cultural education and other aspects have also been significantly improved,Most people have passed comfortable、Stable Life。As far as the convenience of life,I think China has surpassed the West in many aspects today。where,What makes me most happy is that China ’s rapid advancement in education。The country has invested a lot of resources,Provide a good campus environment for the majority of teachers and students,Not only actively encourages college teachers to carry out scientific research,And provides students with various scholarships。

  Yang Guorong: Chinese philosophy in the world of philosophy

Since modern times,With Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024the east of Western philosophy and the encounter of Chinese and Western philosophy,The contact and interaction between Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy has become a basic historical phenomenon。Taking this as the background,Chinese philosophy also began to gain global dimension。World Philosophy can be understood from different levels。Understand the philosophy as "World Philosophy",First of all, it is linked to the history of history that has become the world.。World philosophy means transcending regional cultural background and cultural traditions,Understand this world itself from the perspective of "world"。

  Cheng Lesong: Chinese philosophy from the history of philosophy

"Ready and Nothing" is the basic positioning of Confucius' practice of his own thoughts,There is both a unique historical consciousness behind it,It also reflects the "universalism" characteristics in the construction of ancient Chinese thought。The expectation of "the sky is the same" is not a conservativeist,Instead, a belief that laids legitimacy for continuous philosophical thinking。We are in the understanding of Chinese traditional thoughts,It will confuse "Tao" and "technique",The transcendence and transcendence of "Tao" is based on the obscurity that cannot be completely grasped,Then philosophical thinking is not the technique from the way,Instead, the exploration of the road from the experience caused by surgery。

  Sun Xiangchen: As a "home" as a category of civilization

  "Home" problem has a deep foundation in Chinese cultural traditions,But "Home" is not just a cultural tradition,It should also be considered from the height of civilization。The perspective of civilized theory shows some of the "home" problems contained in the Chinese tradition、Deeper dimension。

  Tang civilization: the rejuvenation of Confucian culture and the meaning of philosophy

Chinese civilization can be summarized as Confucian culture,Because Confucian culture is the core of Chinese civilization。In ancient,Confucian culture has constructed the spiritual order and social order of the Chinese in the form of educational form,From the perspective of the system and mind, it plays a practical role in the life of the Chinese,Created the unique customs and morals of the Chinese。

  Zhao Tingyang: Existence of the Analysis -a historical concept

The so -called "existence theory event",Not a knowledge classification of the event,Instead, the energy level of the event。Economic events,Whether it is a knowledge event、Economic events、Political events or technical events,As long as its creative energy or "revolutionary" achieves a systematic or overall change of human presence,Is an incident in existence,This is an event that creates a world。If an event can be identified as the existence theory event,It means that this incident contains the starting point of a new problem,It also constitutes a new source of human life and thought,Equivalent to establish a creation point for human existence。

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