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September 01, 2022 13:47 Source: "China Social Sciences" September 1, 2022 Total Issue 2483 Author: Su Chang and Qin Yaqing He Yanling Visits:

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  Reviewer: Su Changhe (Dean of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University、Professor)

Our group has a total of seven spokespersons,From different angles to civilization and knowledge,Discuss world philosophy and culture from the perspective of international relations。I want to focus on Wang Chunfa、Qin Yaqing、Tang Shiqi、Liu Debin、The content of Barry Bozan talks about my opinion。

These spokespersons have discussed the knowledge of the era of great change、Culture、Civilization、Politics of internal and external、Regional politics,There are also internal and foreign relations between China and foreign countries in the change。Everyone has a recognition,The world is changing,Although the view of "changes" is different。This "change" is not just a change in the material structure,It is also a change in the knowledge pattern,Change of cultural ideological pattern。Give to the last,Is the possibility of forming a world common knowledge system?

Wang Chunfa talked about the world and China,Talking about the Chinese ideological and cultural system。In fact, from the entire world,We are talking about the independent knowledge system。but,We must pay attention,There are different types of regional knowledge system in the whole world,Including British and American、India、Ancient China, etc.,There are regional knowledge systems。No one talks about India,The epic work of India's "Capricorn Baina" contributed the knowledge system with "Dharma" as the core。So,The world's big change situation we face,If in terms of culture and knowledge,What you see is a regional knowledge system。

Teacher Tang Shiqi talked about essentialism and intangibleism。essentialism is actually the West,Oriental is non -essentialism。I personally think,Intoglisted is a name that is called on the basis of the opposite West,Not an intangibleist knowledge system,but Eastern knowledge system,Not opposite to the West,West can be called essentialist knowledge system。For this knowledge system,Chinese are familiar,With its style。Tang Shiqi thinks,Knowledge of definition and insights generally has the ultimate narrative,But there are fatal defects。I think,theorem、The knowledge defined is easy to rigid、Dodontic,Even formation of specialized knowledge,Because there is absolute and unique。So,Once determined that the world's universal ultimate rule,The world described by knowledge is easy to fall into stereotypes and rigids,This is a very important feature of Western knowledge。

Some scholars think,Western legal knowledge is generated in confrontation and debate,Emphasize essentialism。Top scorer of European Cup 2024Chinese legal knowledge,is to integrate the contradictions together。Seeing people also,The understanding of people is a single in the West,Oriental people think that people and people are connected to reflect people。Knowledge of all rationalism,or Tang Shiqi's essentialist knowledge,It is a very important feature of the Western knowledge system。But we see that the definition of the East is a relatedist knowledge system,Emphasize flow and change。Tang Shiqi has a saying very well,Calling "Advanced change",Eastern knowledge is mostly what Teacher Qin Yaqing said,Combined with practice,It is adapt to local conditions。So this is a logic of a relationship。

The logic of the relationship will combine different or even completely contradictory things,Make it look harmonious and coexist in order,This is precisely important feature of the oriental knowledge structure。So,In the knowledge of the East,"True" corresponds to another "true",In the Western essentialist knowledge system,The opposite of "True" is "fake"。Tang Shiqi talked about yin and yang,It seems to be contradictory in the West,But in the East,Yin and Yang two completely different things together look very harmonious together。So,The "one country, two systems" we talk about in political knowledge,It may be impossible in Western knowledge。

Correctist knowledge system and essentialist knowledge system,Affecting a lot of political theory and international relations theory。Many western political theory has mechanical system knowledge in it,A lot of knowledge in the mechanical system,Less knowledge about governing the country。Chinese people know security and interests in mutual relationships。A teacher just talked about the rules -based international order,Chinese people are not talking about rules -based international order,Instead, it is about fair international order。In Western Knowledge,Qunlong has no head,Is Dou。There is a multi -pole system in a world,In the international relations of British and American characteristics,Multi -pole is uncertain。But in the knowledge of the East,Qunlong has no head to be ambiguity。In the Western knowledge, there must be a hegemonic state,Just now Barry Buzan mentioned the capitalist system of structure,He did not talk about the word capitalism,But in the past, the West is a colonial system of capitalism。

From this,From put forward knowledge、Culture、Ideological System,to regional coexistence,The main spokesman of our group returned to Teacher Qin Yaqing said,How do these different regional knowledge systems interact and categorize,Form new knowledge。Our group asked a very important question,It is our Chinese people who talk about "Community of Human Destiny",Talking about "Common Value of Humanity",Westerners talk about "free international order",Indians talk about "harmless world"。To reach the world that the different civilizations want to arrive,In this world,How to achieve the common 024 European Cup Bettingknowledge system? From reality,This is more difficult。Barry Buzan also talks about the rise of new developing countries,The history of humiliation in the past is not common between Chinese and Westerners。How can there be such a common historical experience in the West and China? therefore,Facing the construction of a common knowledge system,"Different" regional knowledge system how to interact and cantize the regional knowledge system,This is a big problem。

Speaking of the last,We realize that the knowledge and cultural system is multi -pole。How can these multi -pole knowledge system be integrated together,without conflict between the knowledge system? I personally feel,In the end, I still have to return to the relatedist knowledge system。Someone mentioned world differences during the opening ceremony this morning,How to talk about different and contradictions,and integrate these differences together,Make it harmonious and orderly? For this question,Maybe East can provide better wisdom,to achieve I call it "a common but different multi -layer knowledge system"。

  The second discussion

  Reviewer: Qin Yaqing (former Dean of the School of Diplomacy、Chair professor of Shandong University)

I talk about three points.

First,Everyone talks about knowledge issues,It also involves a lot of cross -cultural、cross -civilized、Cross -border knowledge issues。I used to have an idea,Knowledge can be divided into two types from one aspect,That is the academic knowledge and application knowledge,We often call basic research and application research。These two types of knowledge are not exactly the same,But when everyone involves knowledge,Many places in the two are overlapping,And everyone talks more about academic knowledge。This involves the first question,The importance of the production of original knowledge。I understand that this original knowledge refers to knowledge。but,How to produce original knowledge,Everyone's speech is different,For example, Professor Zheng Yongnian talked about the western scientific method is to learn,There is no problem with this,I think many methods of social sciences are very important。

But is it just? Teacher He Yanling put forward a very interesting point of view,Taking China as the method,Go to the specific scene,With Chinese history and practice or any civilization,or the practice and history of the community,Can the two be compatible? Professor Tang Shiqi said,This intangibleist thinking of China is fundamentally different,Social science methods are built on the West on a method of thinking.,How to learn from the application? I didn't want to understand,Now we have used many western social science methods,But we can look at,Including Professor Fei Xiaotong,His field in China for research,Also uses Western category methods、Classification method, etc.。This is the first dimension,Can the two be compatible? if it is possible,How compatible? This is the second dimension。

2024 European Cup live betting website2,Professor John Kien talks about the problem of modern professional knowledge。From the perspective of Professor John Kane,Professional knowledge is often based on application knowledge,is the second type of knowledge I said just now。We recognize that professional knowledge is the wisdom generated by experience,You can propose a lot of problems to solve problems。But this is not just a question with limited knowledge,A hindrance to new knowledge will be formed throughout the whole knowledge production process,Establish a variety of thresholds,This is what many experts do。As long as it does not meet this,Not knowledge,Is this right?

In all countries in the world,I have a limited understanding,This is not knowledge,Generally speaking, it is a large proportion of application knowledge,For example, international relations,Strategic research、Policy research,Must be more than a basic research。I agree with Professor Zheng Yongnian's point of view,Although the original knowledge is very important now,But we are not developed。How to do this,This is for everyone to work together。

How to combine original knowledge and professional knowledge,Convert them to each other,This is indeed a problem in the Chinese academic community。

third,Our discussion talks about Chinese value concepts、Important issues of governance thought,Like Professor Zhang Shuhua talked about China's basic governance characteristics and advantages,Like Su Chang and Teacher talk about China's symbiotic logic。This should be as a civilized form of international politics,It should be better than confrontation,It is easier for global governance to be effectively implemented,Because the premise of this world is a multi -civilization、Space existing in many countries。How to make these countries be more rational and reasonable?

Another example,Professor Xu Yong talked about the many basic characteristics of a single system,Of course he also talked about the shortcomings。In my opinion,Professor Xu Yong believes that a single system has contributed to the country's unity of China for a long time。

Many also refer to the concept of Chinese value thought,and should be contributed to the world。How to make these value concepts a common value of human beings? For another example, some of the very important governance ideas we now propose、Management Thought,Can it become a common value of human beings? I think,This is a need to cross the past,We need to tell Chinese stories,But we want,allowing the entire world to acknowledge that this is part of the world economic system。This is a very interesting question,It is also a big problem。

Another example,Teacher He Yanling talked about the dialectical thoughts of "both want and.",This is indeed the thought of the Chinese tradition in the middle and long -term thinking,In the past, Professor Fang Keli specifically studied China Dialectics,I made a very systematic interpretation of this problem,He said that China is each other 024 European Cup Bettingand,The main point of the West is that this is the other。It is a very good point of view,How can this view become the common value of humans?

So comprehensive,The problem mentioned in the final mention is indeed intellectual、Questions that should be considered in the academic community,What value concepts China can become the common value concept of human beings,Chinese academic thoughts can become a common academic thought of human beings,This may be a very interesting problem we are facing now。

  The third discussion

Reviewer: He Yanling (Professor of the School of Public Management of Renmin University of China)

Thank you for sharing for the wonderful views of scholars。I am studying so much,First of all, I learned that many areas that are not involved in normal times,The experience is deep; on the other hand,I also try to use more complete logic,Put these wonderful views,String up like pearls。

The theme of our link,It can be summarized as two sentences: First, in the complex system,How to achieve sustainable development。Second, in uncertain development,Construct a benign order。

The point of view of this seminar scholar reflects different dimensions,For example, international cooperation、Global Economic Governance、Construction of ecological civilization、Smart Revolution、Common wealth and critical thinking in the era of specific uncertainty, etc.,Among these issues,Focus on the two propositions I mentioned above。Based on these two propositions,I will summarize my experience as the following points。

First point,We can see,Current,The most important cooperation model has undergone profound changes,As Mr. Zhou Hong said,The relationship from the aid and aid of a assistance and aid to a comprehensive partnership。I want to,The change of this relationship is indeed a change,Assistance and aid implicit passiveness、Affiliation relationship,and a comprehensive partner means that if economic assistance and aid are established,That means,All the assistants may be a assistant,The aid person may also be a assistant,This is the relationship between the comprehensive country and the country。The remodeling of this relationship concept,Will be more equal for us now、Discuss all major issues to provide basic positions,That is to reshape the relationship between the actor and the passive,This is the enlightenment given by Teacher Zhou。

Point 2,The slowdown of economic development can not wear out the diversity of culture,It can’t make the economic lag behind the backwardness of culture,This view or this cognition is very important。For a long time in the past for a long time,Whether it is subjective or objective,Whether it is active or passive,We can all take the stage of economic growth and cultural advanced or backward consideration.,The all -round partnership in assistance may be a single event,But this single incident is a basic conclusion obtained by the global development of various phenomena。This 024 European Cup Bettingposition is associated with the first position I mentioned earlier.,Reshape the global view for us、State view is also crucial,These are two different problems。When Mr. Zhang Yuyan talks about global economic governance,This view has been presented very clearly,The dual division we are familiar with、Growth and backward relationships,You must cut them again,Re -integrate。

third point,Even if the economic growth itself exists in the stage of differences,Economic growth model and source power are also rich and diverse and different,How to promote economic growth,Not only the power from the market,It also includes motivation from governance mode and system,Governance and system is likely to be a product shaped by cultural and specific social structures。If culture is diversity,System and governance diversity is also inevitable,This will lead to the diversity of economic growth model。If the economic growth itself is standardized,But this standardization does not mean the diversity and richness of the economic growth model and power of the economic growth mode and power,Development of China over the years,It has fully demonstrated the diversity of the economic growth model。When we talk about China's economic growth miracle,More importantly, the institutional mechanism and governance mechanism behind the miracle,This is the key to telling Chinese stories。

Fourth point,Technology plays an increasingly important role in economic growth,But in a sense, technology is not just technology in the era of industrialization,And after industrialization、A kind of ideology and value tool and value position in the globalization and Internet era,The benefits it brings has very obvious diversity。For example,Technical actually makes economic development more parallel or balance,As long as you have technology,It is likely to surpass the time gap of economic growth itself,The condition of the time gap between the technology is several times the condition of the original means of production,Make catching catching more likely,It also becomes more parallel,This is the influence of the first dimension。

Just as Teacher Gao Qiqi said,Technology will also bring a more vertical world,and this vertical is not just economic vertical,It may also deepen what I said just now reached a relatively balanced cultural vertical。From this point,We have to be more vigilant about technology,This is the impact of the second dimension。

The third dimension,More important impact brought by technology,It will make our cognition of this world more detailed,This detail is reflected in the body of the life of individual workers from global narratives。Technology is more used by individual workers、Control、shaped and influenced。From this point,The freedom and comprehensive development of people pointed by Marx,There is a new meaning,This also proves that China now proposes that ecological civilization politics has a very powerful global significance。Because 024 European Cup Bettingthis proposition is not only the proposition of China today,It also includes technology developed to today、Capital、Country、System、Values, etc. These intricate relationships,It is already a new proposition,Make classic propositions a new meaning,and China's adherence to this proposition has a stronger global significance。

Point 5,It can be seen from the discussion just now,Give and be deprived of possible coexistence,When you are giving or when you get it,Maybe you deprive others or lose other,This dialectical case is used as the thinking of the underlying fundamental philosophy,Give us new meaning。The more in this era,The more we need two magic weapons,The first magic weapon is critical thinking; the second is a rational debate that spends a lot of energy.,Special mention of the truth cannot be monopolized,In a sense, a certain global player and the user and enjoyment of civilized civilizations around the world,It is possible to give the corresponding answer to the truth,and this "possible" is a very important weapon that we relieve and deprive the "tight hoop curse"。Although we have said so many questions,But these problems are still solved,In globalism、Nationalism、Developmentism、In various intricate ideological relationships such as environmentalism,Revised debate and respect for tolerance,It's like a growth、tolerance and other questions,Not only solution,We have been solving,China has been solving from the perspective of global responsibility。All Chinese answers seemed to see in the new era,It has a global significance at this level。

Last point,Our group is political science、Public Management and International Relations,This combination is very good。We have the basic conclusion,This is an uncertain era,But it may not be terrible to be turbulent and uncertain,The terrible thing is still using past logic to do things。We need new logic to do things,This is the consensus we get,It is also the key to we can get greater consensus in the future。Summary with Teacher Zhou Hong,That is what we need to understand the difference,and find correlations from it,Last constructing commonality。


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