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  Reviewer: Cai Lidong (Vice President, Professor of Jilin University)

Several scholars show a high academic level,It's more difficult to comment,Let me talk about my learning experience。

First,Laws have three scholars who make the theme,There is such a feature,Deeply revealed the unique contribution of the Chinese rule of law civilization and the value of the times,This is the main purpose of the forum,It reflects the three teachers attach great importance to the forum and carefully prepare。

Professor He Qinhua's speech is the theory of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics,revealed the basic elements of the theory of the rule of law of the rule of law with Chinese characteristics、The value and guidance significance of scientific theory。Professor Chen Weidong's speech is the traditional architecture of Chinese criminal judicial governance,From the level of national governance、Local governance level、The level of grassroots governance,Analysis of the role of Chinese judicial governance。Professor Oliviero Dilibeto from the First University of Rome,is the messenger of the rule of law civilization,Translate the Civil Code into Italian。He deeply revealed that the Chinese Civil Code skipped the Napoleon Code,Directly processed to Roman law,revealed the unique contribution of the Chinese Civil Code,For example, regulations on property,No talk about the central position of private property in the rights system。The traditional civil code is based on the premise of the sacred logic of private rights,He noticed very keenly,The Chinese Civil Code has no private property absolute rights,Uniform problems of private property。Observe from such perspectives,Three teachers from different professional backgrounds and academic interests,revealed the unique contribution of the Chinese rule of law civilization and the value of the times。This is my first experience。

Next,The reason why the three teachers can reach such a height,It has a lot to do with the angle selected by the three teachers。To reveal the height of a civilized thought、The connotation of thought and the connotation of the times,There must be two basic perspectives,One is the dimension of history,From the perspective of great history, the object of the current research。I think,Three teachers chose such a perspective。

Professor He Qinhua thinks,The germination of the theory of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics can be traced back to the first generation of central leadership of the party with Comrade Mao Zedong as the core of the Constitution formulation in 1954;,The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries represented by Comrade Deng Xiaoping contributed important contributions; Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024the development period of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Comrade Jiang Zemin made an important contribution with the centered on "rule of law" and Comrade Hu Jintao's "scientific development concept" as the core; and the maturity of the theory of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics,The logo is the idea of ​​Xi Jinping's rule of law formed by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China。

Professor Chen Weidong is a scholar of the Criminal Procedure Law,Practical about contemporary problems,Research is thicker and heavy,profoundly summarized the concept of ancient traditional criminal judicial governance,and the reflection and influence of contemporary,For example, the contemporary film with a wide punishment、From wide thoughts。Social participation in criminal justice is the social correction system,It also inherited the context of ancient criminal justice,Judicial reforms under human rights and some humanitarian judicial concepts such as Chinese traditional respect for the elderly and love。

Olvyro Delberto's research on Chinese civil law,It is also based on the analysis of the Roman law and the Napoleon people's codes,It is believed that the Chinese Civil Code has taken a brand new road to rule of law with Chinese characteristics。

The speech of the three professors is from the historical dimension,Watch the magnificent practice of contemporary waves。Their speech has an international vision,From the perspective of comparison between China and foreign countries, the unique contribution and social value of Chinese rule of law civilization。It can be said,It is the international vision、Global vision,Really promoted the interoperability of the Chinese rule of law civilization and other rule of law civilization,This perspective is very important。We must focus on studying China、China in the theory、China in science,No such perspective,It is difficult to get the actual、Conclusions that have a practical contribution to the Chinese rule of law civilization,It may be just some views and scattered suggestions。and not from the historical dimension,No global perspective,The point of view obtained is likely to have misleading consequences。

Last,The speech of the three professors also gave birth to a flame for future academic development。This triggers my further thinking,Except for historical dimensions、Global vision,What perspective can help us deeply tap the unique contribution and social value of the Chinese rule of law civilization? Is there any perspective to better enhance the interoperability of Chinese rule of law civilization and western rule of law civilization?,This is a question worth thinking about,It is necessary to have a systematic thinking inspection and study why the Chinese rule of law civilization shows such unique quality and the value of the times,This has a great relationship with the traditional Chinese rule of law culture and political system,From the perspective of political and legal interaction, you can do some in -depth thinking。I have such a communication with Professor Euro 2024 top scorer oddsWang Xijin before the meeting,Our rule of law adheres to the people's position,This is the origin of the unique contribution of contemporary Chinese rule of law civilization,In ancient China, there were people's ideas,This kind of people -oriented thought is to design its system with the control of the ruling class,Adjusting the governing method,To some extent, put the people into the position of the object。Struggle for the happy life of the people,Promote the status of the people to the subject,Western political civilization accompanied by Western rule of law civilization is fundamentally different。We are people's democracy,is the people's position of the rule of law,How can the dimension that can be realized along the well -being of the people,Further excavation of the unique value of the Chinese rule of law civilization and the connotation of the times and its ideological connotation。We can also mine from the dimensions of individual rationality and collective rationality.、Elapse the contribution of Chinese rule of law and the value of the times。Three professors' speech,Research on our rule of law on Chinese rule of law or socialism with Chinese characteristics,improved to a new height,Expressing sincere admiration for their contribution to this area。Our common goal is to develop a new perspective,Study on Chinese rule of law civilization from the dimension that can be understood from the West,From the People's Political Science、The ideological connotation of the people's position excavates the rule of law in China、Connotation and civilization of the times。

  Reviewer: Liu Hailong (Professor of the School of Journalism of Renmin University of China)

Thank you very much for providing opportunities for participation and learning,Even if you feel the pressure of the comment is great,But this is a very good law、An opportunity for dialogue between news communication。

Professor Sun Wei has been doing new media research,Her speech just provided us with a very new thing,It's completely different from the thesis Abstract。She talked about how to break through the standard of people,Discussion on scale is actually the core topic in communication research。How she proposed how the person's scale returned to diversity、A person's perception。McLuhan uses the media as a scale。In the end, it should be people as a scale,Still using a machine,Or is it a media? Professor Sun Wei broke the simple binary theory,Put forward a human -machine generating one -dollar subject,The media is not a simple tool,Not a threat to humans。It should be said,Discuss a new genetic subject in this coupling state,It is a very inspiring view。How to couple、How to connect people and machine technology,There are still many disputes now,Especially the brain interface,Is it a threat or improvement for people,There is no conclusion yet。Another as social media,Itself starting point is connection,Can be connected to capital and business operations,becomes over -connected,The possibility and potential of the person itself have Euro 2024 top scorer oddseliminated the person's own,These have caused a lot of discussions。These topics opened by Professor Sun Wei can continue to deepen in the future。

Professor Wu Fei's discussion is very important。Discussion on the public domain of the digital era,Itself is very valuable,But there are also limitations。In this regard,Professor Wu Fei put forward the point of view of the high house。Teacher Wu Fei proposed how to break through the media itself,Need to stand in the angle of the digital media and the digital public domain to reflect。Not using traditional printing media speaking media to measure digital media,Instead of re -measure the concept of the public domain with digital media scale,Teacher Wu Fei’s mention is very bold,and very important。To solve how to solve such a classic theoretical dialogue,In this study or the topic, I especially feel inspiring,It is the so -called commonality,Under the new digital media conditions,A variety of emotions are not measured by printing medium as rational,It is a very important supplement and development of the concept of the original public domain。

Discussion by Professor Paul Jerbao,It has exceeded the category of news communication,Although he is doing digital culture research,But discussed a larger international relationship topic,How to break through the original single pole globalization,Going to multi -pole globalization,Dialectical relationship between self -sufficiency and open globalization in handle,I think this has proposed a good perspective for us today's re -reflection of international and political communication。Since he talked about digital media、Digital culture,Digital media and digital communication can play a role in promoting multi -polarization in this process,or content that is both self -sufficient and promoted,I am very looking forward to hearing more discussions and research in Paul Jer Bao Bao。

  The second discussion

Reviewer: Chen Baifeng (Dean of the School of Law of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law、Professor)

The articles of the three domestic teachers are highly consistent with the theme of the forum,Although it is not the same as my research field,but very readability,A lot of inspiration。

Teacher Zhou Guangquan's article summarizes a type of judicial practice,Constitutional adjustment of judicial interpretation,Quoting the Constitution from the Supreme People's Court in the judicial interpretation,Refine on the judgment of related parts。Based on this,He believes that the model of this constitutional judgment should be promoted to a certain extent,and put forward your own opinions。In my opinion,His ideas not only have a clearer understanding of our process in judicial practice,Also do judicial interpretation for us、It has played a great role in promoting the prudence of grassroots judicially in grassroots judicially。At the same time,He also allows us to know the mode of implementation of the Chinese Constitution more diverse,I made important 2024 European Cup live betting websitecontributions to promoting academic progress。These problems he are talking about,In fact, whether it is the court citing the provisions of the Constitution in the judgment,To strengthen persuasion,or strengthen demonstration,Still the Supreme People's Court in the judicial interpretation,Face this problem through constitutional adjustment,In the end, they are all facing the needs of social governance。The question lies in,When we place this constitutional interpretation or constitutional adjustment in the entire explanation system,How much can this response to actual needs can be achieved,This is a problem that always exists。Practice of the Supreme People's Court and grassroots courts,and our refinement,Incorporate it into the entire constitutional explanation,Differences involved in thinking methods,It also involves the differences in the thinking mode of social science law,From social reality, it will also face great difficulties。For example,The qualitative problem of provoking trouble with the network space talked about by Teacher Zhou Guangquan,There are also problems with the handling of letters and visits cases,If the control needs cannot be solved,These problems will become the difficulty between theoretical and practical。

Teacher Cai Lidong's question is the same,better refine China's property rights system,Summarized the features of the mode。He talked about several modes of characteristics,Based on public ownership,Based on the multi -level use of the beneficiary system,Meet the people's needs for a better life。I think it is very good,And this real right system is indeed innovative compared with the property right system in the West,Its advantage is public ownership,Response the demand for fair value,The use of the beneficiary system meets the needs of the people's interests and the requirements of the market economy。Teacher Cai Lidong last said,If our story is better,Especially inspiration for the third world countries。For this,I think the refinement of this theoretical model has Chinese characteristics,Follow China's reality and national conditions,A great contribution to the civilization of the human system。but,I think other countries may not learn。The question lies in,In fact, there is a very important "prehistoric history",Based on the Chinese Revolution,If there is no revolution,Can't establish national land ownership,In addition, most of the land structures in the third world are privately owned,No way to learn。Of course,This is a common problem in the world,Instead, it highlights the cutting -edge of Chinese social governance in development and progress。Especially in the past ten years,The construction of the Chinese digital government worldwide is the best none,Lead in the United States,Also leading in European countries。Therefore,High -quality accelerating the construction of digital government is a more cutting Euro 2024 top scorer odds-edge theory and practice problem,Need to further deepen science research。

Questions on the construction of digital rule of law government,Teacher Wang Xi Zinc made a good refinement,Putting the digital and the rule of law on the dimension of the dual,Established a new analysis framework,Including the number of digital treatment features in the analysis framework,All are very accurate。And he also has a targeted summary of the problems brought by the ruler,Including data application,Combined with many informative cases,such as health code、Credit information and more areas, etc.。From the perspective of the rules of the rule of law,How to know artificial intelligence questions,It makes sense。but,If you change the angle of view, rule the rules,It can not be simply believed that the rule of law is the operation of a rule system,The society of rule of law before the governance society,The practice of rule of law is also implemented by people,It will bring a lot of inexperienced and subjectivity。So,The rule of law is also executed by people,If it is an artificial intelligence machine execution,There will be some content that is unclear。

Professor Shengya Law in Germany commented on Switzerland's "China Strategy 2021-2024",I think he is very objective to point out the differences in the concept of human rights in China and Switzerland,This is greatly inspired by people who do not do human rights research。China and Western human rights concepts are different,But there are many same places。When Westerners discuss human rights issues,Often selectively ignore these content,For example, in the "three generations of human rights",Citizen rights and political rights are the first generation,The right to develop is the third generation,Western discussions often criticize China human rights with the first generation of human rights,The first generation of human rights they understand should be based on the extremely superior Western political system。Contrary to this,Analysis of Professor Shengya Law is objective。

  Reviewer: Wu Fei (Deputy Director of the Department of Humanities of Zhejiang University、A specially appointed professor)

I feel that Chinese news communication scholars are creating their own communication research paradigm,or dedicated to the new school type,In -depth sorting and thinking about the core concept of communication science。Several experts who speeches are all about how to re -understand the media,How to understand the relationship between the media technology and the relationship between people。

About how to understand the medium,Teacher Liu Hailong from connecting、Non -character、Thinking at the organizational level,Change the traditional static or the current media view。The new concept of the media is also the focus of Hu Yiqing's focus,He particularly emphasized that these media mean that it has the functions of social infrastructure,So,Can this new media view explain the phenomenon of communication in our 2024 European Cup live betting websitesmart age? Teacher Chen Changfeng's impact on the mechanism of the communication mechanism,Modified the algorithm as a tool,Algorithms as rights and regulations,Algorithm as a subject and value,Progressive display of classification,You can feel the alertness and expectations of the algorithm。Teacher Wang Xi Zinc's thinking about data law,It forms a very good response。can be seen,Communication does face a new transformation process,Just like Teacher Hu Yiqing mentioned earlier,Thinking of the communication framework in the background of the new media,Standing on the same starting line with Western scholars。In such a paradigm innovation,How to return to the subject of participants,How to consider technology and evolutionary regression,It is the theoretical paradigm innovation that Chinese communication should pursue。

Of course,We will also feel that theory has a threat to us,Especially the organizational rules under the technical guidance of the West,A set of social system。If there is another set of technologies,,It may also form a challenge,For example, the technology of China、Technology line,or technological innovation line,Become a system or culture line,Do they think they challenged the existing order in the West? This,We must also keep alert。Another,Domestic communication scholars have not done a media archeological research,Looking forward to my country's communication school can realize paradigm innovation。

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