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Editor's note: Beijing's summer heat gradually retreat,Sunshine bright,Wind light clouds。Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、The "Academic China · 2022" Euro 2024 top scorer oddsInternational Summit Forum hosted by the China Social Sciences Magazine was held at the National Museum of China。More than 100 experts and scholars from China and 15 countries,Focus on "Civilization in the Great Change: China and the World" theme,Extensive discussions on development。Civilization communicates due to diversity,Learn from each other due to 024 European Cup Bettingcommunication,Developed due to mutual learning。Academic events that stimulate ideas creation,showing new weather in civilized communication,Showing the vitality of Chinese civilization thought in the great change,contributed to the development of China and the world。The forum fixed for the lens of this newspaper is now a wonderful moment.,Reader。


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