Fang Jun: Let the lightning of thought activation of the light of civilization
September 02, 2022 14:47 Source: "China Social Sciences", August 30, 2022, Issue 2481 Author: Fang Jun Visits:


The joint efforts of all experts and scholars at the participating experts,"Academic China · 2022" International Summit Forum hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Final completion of various agenda,is about to end。As the organizer of the forum,I represent the Chinese Social Sciences Magazine,The hard work of experts and scholars,Express sincere respect and heartfelt thanks!

In the next two days,More than a hundred famous Chinese and foreign scholars around the theme of this forum- "Civilization in the Great Change: China and the World",From Marxist theory、Philosophy、Literature、History、Economics、Sociology、Law、News Communication、Political Science、Public Management、International Relations and other multi -disciplines、Multi -dimensional、Multi -level in -depth discussions and exchanges。Look at the situation introduced by the representatives of the 5 parallel sub -forum just now,Everyone exchanged thoughts,Analysis of the problem,Discussion of academics,Improving Friendship。The forum has achieved fruitful results,Let us fully appreciate the beauty of thought creation、The beauty of mutual learning、The Beauty of Academic Exchange。

  Top scorers EURO qualifiers 2024Experts at the meeting focus on the theme of this forum,Published many original thoughts、Theory and perspective,Make a brain -open open,Beautiful collection。This is the main purpose of the "Academic China" International Summit Forum,It is also a major feature of this forum。French modern thinker Pascal said: "People are just a reed grass,It is the most vulnerable thing in nature; but he is a thoughtful reed grass。It is not necessary to pick up the weapons without using the entire universe to destroy him; breath、A drop of water is enough to cause him to die。But,Even if the universe destroys him,People are still much more noble than his life; because he knows that he is going to die,and the advantages of the universe to him,but the universe knows nothing about this。Therefore,All our dignity lies in thought。"Today's World,Great change situation with the century epidemic intertwined,Economic recovery weakness and inflation pressure superimposed,Ukrainian crisis and regional conflict intensified,The world is not too flat,The theme of the era of peace and development is facing a new major test。"What happened to the world?" "Where do humans go?",This "question of the times" and "question of the world",Very urgent governments in the world、In front of the people and thinkers,Human beings need more thoughtful power than any previous period,I am more eager to answer the subject of the times、Original thoughts of world problems,The light of thought with penetrating power and leading power illuminates the road we move forward。Need to mean scarce,Desire means not satisfied,Calling means changes and creation。

The "Academic China" International Summit Forum is willing to create myself for the creation of thought、Powerful power。

  The forum shows the beauty of mutual learning.From all over the world、Experts and scholars with different skin colors and languages,Around the same theme,A combination of online and offline combination,Expand equal dialogue and communication,This is the presence of civilized communication and mutual learning。Civilization is rich due to diversity,Wonderful due to communication,Developed due to mutual learning。Humanity farewell to obscurity and barbaric,Farewell to the jungle law of weak meat and strong food,This is the greatness of human beings,It is even more civilized。On this forum,Chinese and foreign experts reach a consensus,The so -called "conflict of civilization" is not the norm of the development of human civilization,It's not the way of the progress of human civilization。Historical experience reveals us,Respecting each other instead of bullying and bullying,Equal dialogue instead of conflict conflict,Mutual learning and mutual learning instead of arrogance,It is the only way for the prosperity and progress of world civilization。The Chinese nation has more than 5,000 years of brilliant civilization,Alternative and constantly open new,The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is irreversible,It is a major contribution to the progress of world civilization。Ancient Chinese ancestors said,"Various and different",Chinese civilization is unintentional and will not conflict and challenge to other civilizations in the world,Never refused to learn from all excellent results of human civilization。Beauty and beauty,Beauty of Beauty,The United States and the United States and the Communist Party,Mutual Learning and Mutual Learning,Common Development,It is both the attitude and vision of Chinese civilization towards civilization in the world,It is the method and realm of civilized progress,is the driving force for the prosperity of civilization。

The "Academic China" International Summit Forum is willing to fully study and learn from the civilization between the civilizations of the world and the progress of human civilization.。

  The forum shows the beauty of academic exchanges.Famous scholars in different fields of Chinese and foreign disciplines,Around the common topic,Expand deep academic dialogue,This is both the purpose of the "Academic China" International Summit Forum,It is also the remarkable feature of the forum。Communication through dialogue,Everyone generally feels,For a long time, specialized specialization、Fragmentation、Academy's Discipline Division,It has become more and more unable to keep up with the footsteps of the times,Serious restrictions on the development of thought、Academic prosperity and progress of civilization。The problem raised in the era is extremely complicated、Comprehensive,The more important the times, the problem,Its comprehensive、Strategic、The stronger the systemicity,and the traditional discipline division,Questions on these major times,I often feel helpless,or dismembered the problem fragmented,so that the problem cannot be interpreted,Not to solve the problem。Discipline is not a private territory,Scholars are not "mountains" and "rivers and lakes"。Accelerate the construction of a philosophy and social science with Chinese characteristics,Constructing China's independent knowledge system,Active participation in the world ’s competition,Make the contribution of Chinese academic circles for the development of the world,Urgent need to break the barriers of traditional disciplines,Deepen the academic dialogue exchange of interdisciplinary,Wipe off "Academic Bubble",Research Basic theory、Basic Questions、Basic concepts,Open the new world of academic development at the intersection of different disciplines。

The "Academic China" International Summit Forum is willing to communicate with academic dialogue for interdisciplinary interdisciplinary、Full of power for the world's hundreds of arguments。

2024 European Cup live betting websiteStarting from the first session,The forum adheres to the principle of "entering the conference with texts" and "friendly friends",Speaking by the participating experts,will be in our publication、Published on the newspaper and website。We sincerely thank the experts for their trust and support!

Zhuangzi, an ancient ideologist in China, said: "The beginning of its work is also simple,It will be giant in its will。"" Academic China "International Summit Forum just held two sessions,Difficult to start at the beginning,Jiu Jiu for a hard work。We know,There are many omissions in the organization of the forum,Please mention more valuable opinions。The theme of the next forum,From now on to academic circles,Welcome everyone to contribute wisdom。We believe,It depends on the care and help of experts and scholars at home and abroad, and actively participate,The "Academic China" International Summit Forum must be able to develop features,Turn out of level,Develop lasting influence。

  (This article is deputy secretary -general of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、Fang Jun, editor -in -chief of China Social Sciences Magazine Fang Jun on August 27, 2022 at the closing ceremony of the "Academic China · 2022" International Summit Forum,This newspaper has deleted when published。)

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