"Academic China · 2022" International Summit Forum held a keynote speech in Huang Kunming in Beijing
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  024 European Cup BettingXinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 26th The "Academic China · 2022" International Summit Forum, which is the theme of "Civilization in the Great Change: China and the World", opened on the 26th。Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Minister Huang Kunming of the Central Propaganda Department attended and delivered a keynote speech。

Huang Kunming pointed out,Current,Centennial change bureau and century epidemic intertwined,Deep complex evolution of international structure,Opportunities and challenges facing human development coexist。Seize the opportunity of development、Copy challenge,Elected to promote civilized communication and mutual learning,Deepen the way of getting along with civilization。Persist in equal treatment、Respect each other,Strengthening mutual learning、Exchange blend,Promote open tolerance、Meimei and the Communist Top scorer of European Cup 2024Party,Promote peaceful coexistence、Harmonious Square,Acting with civilized exchanges beyond civilization barriers、Civilized mutual learning transcendence of civilization conflict、A coexistence of civilization surpassed the superiority of civilization。The concept of the community of human destiny community must be high,Vigorously promote peace、Development、Fair、Justice、Democratic、Common value of freedom all humanity,Fully excavate the beneficial results of various civilizations in solving real problems,illuminate the road of Euro 2024 top scorer oddspeaceful development in the light of civilization,Promote the construction of a more colorful、More dynamic Great Beauty World。

Huang Kunming said,I hope that experts and scholars will make full use of the important platform of "academic China", a Chinese and foreign philosophy and social science exchanges,Discuss in depth around the theme of the year,Blind the Situ of Thoughts、Put forward a conscious opinion,Contribute wisdom for the development of China and the world。

This forum is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Hold on the combination of Top scorer of European Cup 2024online and offline,More than 100 scholars from China and 15 countries participate。

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